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[08/08/2023] - Former NFI Sky Boys defeat Sky Boys in Grand Match

It was a wonderful and interesting encounter at the St. Francis Football field (the training ground of the NFI Sky Boys) today. A friendly encounter between the present Sky Boys and former Sky Boys. The aim of the game was to continue to share the close relationship we have with all who have passed through the institution and to maintain the bond wherever we are.

Despite the heavy downpour throughout the day and partly during the game, it was still very interesting to watch. The game itself ended 2-1 in favour of the former players.

[18/06/2023] - NFI launches internal youth tournament

It is holidays. We need to keep these kids off the streets and engage them in what they are passionate for (Football). Above all, most of our club's main players come from the youth department. We have to continue discovering and developing talents.

This year, our internal tournament, which started yesterday, shall see us put U10 and U12 tournaments. Each category would have 4 teams. The kids chose the names of their teams based on what they follow most ( Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea FC, Manchesta City, FC Barcelona).

In all , we have 120 kids, all from the Academy, who are going to take part in the touraments. They will play home and away games on the same pitch ( Our training ground in St. Francis college and STS).

Yesterday in the U10 category's opening match, Manchester United drew with Barcelona 0 - 0 with Moyen Praise winning the man of the match award.
The games continue on Tuesday. Read details.

[17/06/2023] - NFI COMPUTE CAMP - NFI launches Holiday computer training

It is holidays now in Kumba. What a better time to keep the youths engaged. The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is launching "NFI Compute Camp". The goal is to provide training in the following areas to all interested in the town.
  1. Office Automation
  2. Secretariat duties
  3. Operating Systems Installation
  4. Computer systems ( General overview)
  5. Web development
  6. Graphics design
  7. Software Design
We believe knowledge of computers and their workings can take our people out of poverty and provide them hope for the future.

This program is organized in collaboration with our partner, the African Impulse e.V. in Germany.

These offerings are open to the general public ( old and young, girl or boy). Just come to the office and discuss with our staff about your current knowledge and what you wish to learn and we shall put you in the right course.

These trainings will only be available during this holiday period. What are you waiting for? Places are limited. Grab your chance now.

[31/05/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Jesus FC in day 11 of SW Regional League

After the Cameroon Cuop break, regional league games continued with day 11 seing the NFI Ky Boys defeat Jesus FC by 2-0 in the Kumba Municipal stadium in Fiango. The goals for the NFI Sky Boys were scored by Wirikon Michael and Vandoline Wafou.

[25/05/2023] - NFI bows out of Cameroon Cup at SW Preliminary final level

The hopes of the NFI Sky Boys to reach the stage of 32 teams in the Cameroon Cup were dashed in Buea by ISOHSA of Limbe on Wednesday 24.May 2023 when they lost the game by 2-3. The first half of the game was clearly controlled by the Sky Boys. The result of 1 - 0 in their favour was even too less as they let many scoring opportunities go.

In the second half, it was a ping-pong game as ISOHSA equalized and NFI increased scores only to be equalized again. In the end, an avoidable defensive error and a fatal one for the goalkeeper saw the Sky Boys bow to defeat.

"Despite the loss, we are happy to have come this far and look forward to learning from our mistakes." coach Ndoke Joseph and assistant Ashu Tong had to say.

[16/05/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Legend FA qualify for round 4 of Cameroon Cup

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative's main team (NFI Sky Boys) defeated Legend FA by 5-4 after penalties to secure a ticket into round 4 of the Cameroon Cup.

The NFI Sky Boys, are champions and representative of the Meme department as they travel to Buea to face one of the 3 other qualifying teams from the other departments. With this qualification, the NFI continues to empower young people to dream and hope. We look forward to the next game.

[13/05/2023] - NFI defeats Kumba Lakers FC in round 2 of Cameroon Cup

The NFI Sky Boys defeated Kumba Lakers FC in round 2 of the ongoing Cameroon Cup by a resounding 3-0. The NFI opened scores with Okia Clovis in the 5th. minute of play. 5 minutes into the second half, it was the turn of Tita Stiphone to increase score to 2-0. Okia Clovis later closed the scores with 3-0 with a little more than 10 minutes left in the game.

Having beaten Future Dream FC in round 1 by 3-0 and now Kumba Lakers with same score, the NFI looks ahead of round 3 (at the departmental final) against Legend FA which eliminated Kumba City FC same day

[07/05/2023] - NFI defeats Future Dream FC by 3-0 in round 1 of Cameroon Cup

The NFI Sky Boys , on Saturday May 6, defeated Future dream FC by 3 - 0 in the first round of the Cameroon Cup 2023. Goals for the NFI side were scored by Okia Clovis(2) and Gavino Didier. Didier normally plays as a goalkeeper but is versatile.

From start to end, the game was completely dominated by the Sky Boys. We look forward to the next pairing as we prepare for league games at the same time.

[13/04/2023] - NFI Sky Boys beats Kumba Lakers and reclaims position 2

The Sky Boys of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative defeated Kumba Lakers FC by 3-2 in the ongoing first round of the South West Regional League and possibly reclaim position 2. In a game that seemed like a sure wallop for the NFI after Ayuk Ebai Junior and Killian Ndip opened scores in the 8th. and 49th. minutes respectively, Kumba Lakers FC came from behind in the 59th. and 81st. minutes to level scores to 2-2.

It took a determined composure of the team to prepare an attack which saw Tita Stiphone score the winning goal at the 87th. minute. The NFI therefore moves to position 2 of the league as it prepares to meet the leader, Kumba City FC on Sunday in the last day of play of the first round.

You can find details of the game here.

[08/04/2023] - NFI Sky Boys draw with Legend FA (2-2)

In an unexpected tough game , the NFI Sky Boys were held down by Legend FA to a 2-2 draw. Legend FA opened scores at the minute of play through a penalty. This score was taken into the second half. At the 58th. minute, Tita Stiphone equalized through a penalty before Roy Hilton increased scores to 2-1 eight minutes later.

What seemed a sure victory after multiple misses would be shattered after the referee went far over the 3 minutes and a defensive error of the team led to a dying-minute equalizer. Wth 9 points, the NFI would have to wait for the results of the Bright Stars game to see if it preserves position 2 or drops to 3.

Find out more about the game here.

[02/04/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Jesus FC by 4-0

In day 4 of the ongoing South West Regional League, the NFI Sky Boys handed a sounding 4-0 defeat to Jesus FC at the GPS stadium in Kumba today April 4. The victory marks a turn to winning after two consecutive draws in the last games.

Okia Clovis scored two goals in the first half while Michael Wirikon scored another two in the second half. With this victory, the NFI skips back to position 2 with 8 points in its account. We are looking forward to the planning of the next game.

Find out more about the game here.

[31/03/2023] - NFI Sky Boys draw with Bright Star FC

After 90 minutes of play in an intensive game under heavy rainfall, the NFI Sky boys could not go home with a win. It is the second draw in the season after the first win over NEMFA Nguti and the draw with Future Dream FC.

The draw pushed the Sky Boys from position 2 to 4. The Sky Boys will be going into the next game against Jesus FC with the aim of securing 3 points and staying around the top of the championship. The training staff have intensified training to this effect.
You can follow details of the game here

[27/03/2023] - NFI Sky Boys draw 0-0 with Future Dream

As hard as the NFI fought on Sunday, as close to scoring as the Sky Boys came in the many ocassions they had, the goal was just not forthcoming. In the end, we are OK with the one point as Future Dream was also dangerous. A save by goalkeeper Desmond Wako, caused him a serious hand injury and he was taken immediately to the hospital. Lucky enough he is fine. We wish him a speedy recovery.

With the point, the NFI now stands at position 2 with 4 points. Leader of the group now is Kumba City FC with 6 points. Our next game shall be away again against newcomer Bright Star FC on Thursday 30. March, 14:30 at the GPS stadium.
You can follow up details of the game here

[16/03/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Nemfa Nguti by 2-0 in opening game

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative defeated NEMFA of Nguti in day 1 of the South West Regional League at the GPS Field in Kumba. The NFI Sky Boys opened scores at the 4th. minute of play through Rones Hilton who joined the club from NACOM last year.

These results were maintained through into the second half as the NFI continued to mount pressure. At the 80th. minute of play, Ebai Junior increased the scores to 2-0. The NFI were able to calm down the game and take home the world deserved victory.

We look forward to the second game on Wednesday the 22nd against Future Dream FC. You can follow up the events of the day here.

[05/03/2023] - NFI Sky Boys start 2023 Regional League season against NEMFA Nguti on Sunday

The NFI Sky Boys are ready. After intense preparations, the NFI Sky Boys are ready to take on NEMFA Nguti on Thursday March 16 2023 at the GPS Field (KAC) in Kumba in day one of the South West Regional League. The NFI shall fight to obtain one of two tickets into the mini interpools against the following teams - Bright stars FC, Future Dream Academy, Jesus FC, Kumba City FC, Legends FC and NEMFA Nguti.

"It is not going to be an easy season. We are still setting our bets on the young boys we brought up from our youth department. We think, we are however very ready, with our agility to make the opponents run behind us", coach Kanjas was quoted as saying.

Already in the launching event in Limbe this Saturday march 4, Kumba City FC beat Bright Stars FC to obtain the first points in the group. Read more about the Sky Boys here. Ckeck out more about the game here.

[02/03/2023] - NFI SKY BOYS players get new boots from Supervisory Board

All NFI Sky Boys players received football boots supplied by the Supervisory Board as a gesture to permit them have a good football start into the 2023 South West Regional League. These boys train four times a week in addition to having friendlies. With the bad terrain where they mostly have matches, their shoes would hardly last. It is in this regard, as is done through the past years, that the Board, through Edmund Ihande in the USA thought of making the gesture.

It should be noted that the NFI Sky Boys shall start the season on Sunday March 12 against Nemfa FC. You can take a look at the current squad here .There you would also find some useful information.

[22/02/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Future Dream FC by 2-1 in Regional friendly

NFI Sky Boys defeat Future Dream FC in Regional friendly

Goals scored by Siphone and Rones

[21/02/2023] - Dr. Ekoe Lord Itoe joins NFI as medical staff

The NFI family welcomes Dr. Ekoe Lord as new medical staff.

Medical care especially in the football sector is an often neglected factor in the lives of footballers in this region. We have had to react to injuries, digging deep into our pockets to solve difficult situations. This time, we are betting on preventive care. With Dr. Itoe, we have our whole team from the youth department to the main adult teams covered in time.

We thank Dr. Ekoe for accepting to make this sacrifice and call on all in the team to take advantage of his services.

Dr. Itoe works in the Physiotherapy department of the Manyemen annex hospital, Kumba.

[06/02/2023] - Thank you NFI Ambassadors

Running a football club at Armateur level in Cameroon is not easy. Not only do you not get any subvention or support from anywhere, you also have to cover all costs even to games by yourself. We do not care. As long as we can offer hope to these young people, we shall continue to make the investment in their growth. We could not do this without the support of our worldwide ambassadors. This year again, they continue to stand by us in our quest to empower these young people through football . They took care of all the wears for all areas of the club.

We thank Chemafor Holdings (Germany), Emmando Prod (Cameroon), Donwel Systems (Belgium), BBS Eventz (Germany) and K Link (Cameroon), Edmond Ihande (USA) for their suppport in providing jerseys, tracksuits and shoes to the various NFI teams.

[05/02/2023] - Meet the Sky Boys - Supervisory Board and NFI Ambassadors meet the Sky Boys

On Tuesday January 03, 2023, the president Clement Nkamanyi, Supervisory Board members (Edmond Ihande and Eric Njoubisi) and an NFI Ambassador (Enow Solomon) of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (All from Germany and the USA) met with the NFI Sky Boys at the Charvic Luxury Hotel Pool bar in Kumba to discuss the past year and future plans. It was a very fruitful and engaging meetup as thinkings and expecations were aligned.

The minimum ambition of the Sky Boys for this season was set as a qualification into the South West Region mini-interpools. To that end, discipline and hardwork would be the guarding principle of the team. The session was also attended by coaches Joseph Ndoke, Ashu Tong and Ebika Henry. At the end of the session, we all shared some drinks and the Sky Boys had some great time in the newly inaugurated pool.

[09/01/2023] - BFI Sky Boys defeated in finals of the Kumba Green City Pre-season football tournamen

Our best was not enough. We lost the finals to a better Bright Star FC side... And infront of our president. We gained in experience. We thank the Mayor of the city of Kumba for this maiden tournament and look forward to next year

The Sky Boys lost the game in the presence of the president and initiator, Mr. Clement Nkamanyi who was home on holidays and took time off to watch the game. The president congratulated the winners, Bright Star FC, and offered a token support for them to celebrate.

[13/08/2022] - NFI U17 defeated in Open Field Tournament finals by 7-8

The U17 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative lost the finals of the Ooen field Tournament to Panesta FC U17 on Friday August 12 by 7-8 through penalties after a 1-1 draw. It was an interesting game in very difficult playing terrain. The team is however proud of its achievements. "It is a game. In the penalties, anyone can win. The opposite team scored one more than we did, so they won. We congratulate them", coach Kanjas said after the match.

Here is the path the took team tp teh finals:

  • NFI - Young Stars (1 - 0) - Match 1
  • NFI - Waspito (2 - 1) - Match 2
  • NFI - Kumba United (2 - 1) Match 3
  • Boss FC - NFI (2 - 3) Quarter Final
  • Legendd FC - NFI (3 - 4) Semi Final

[17/06/2022] - NFI Sky Boys fail to qualify for the mini interpools

The NFI Sky Boys suffered a 2 - 0 defeat from Kumba city FC on the last day of play of group stages in the South West Regional league, hence failing to qualify for the Mini-Interpools.

The Meme Champions of last season, with a completely new and young team, mostly from the youth teams of the Academy had a series of draws in the competion and suffered their first on-pitch defeat yesterday. The team still has potential for the future and we look forward to coming back stronger next year.

We thank trainers Ndoke Joseph, Ashu Tong and Ebika Henry for all their sacrifices and hard work in keeping this team together and making them entertain the public of Kumba with beautiful football.

We wish newly promoted Kumba City FC and also Kumba Lakers FC all the luck in the mini-interpools after a well deserved qualification. We enjoyed great games with newly promoted Legends FC, Nemfa Nguti FC and Future Dream FC.

Thank you all, especially our fans for all the support.

[29/05/2022] - NFI vies for SW Regional League Position 1 as they take on Kumba Lakers

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative plays against city rivals Kumba Lakers FC today Sunday 29. May 2022 at the GPS Field with the hope of temporarily occupying the first position with a victory. A win against Lakers FC shall put the NFI at 13 points, one point ahead of city rivals, Kumba City Council FC.

It should be noted that the NFI completed the first round in position 2 with 9 points, 3 points behind the current leader. With 2 wins and 4 draws, The Nkamanyi FI remains the only undefeated team in the group. We hope to keep this through to the end

Trainers Ndoke and Ashu Tong are very confident, the boys are prepared for victory today.

[06/05/2022] - SW Regional League - NFI resumes after two weeks pause

It is close to two weeks since the Nkamanyi Football Initiative's main team ( NFI SKY BOYS) played their last regional league game against Future Dream FC. This time the NFI will take on Nemfa FC on Saturday May 7 at the GPS Field in Kumba.

The NFI currently occupies position 3 in group D of the league behind Kumba City Council FC and Nemfa FC after playing two draws against Legend FC and Kumba Lakers FC and defeating Future Dream FC. A victory against Nemfa FC on Saturday will put the team in second place as they continue to vye for league leadership.

The team trained by Ndoke Joseph and Ashu Tong have been training very hard in their quest for the regional championship.

[21/01/2022] - NFI Vice president Nkamanyi Stephen dies

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative regrets to announce the deatth of its vice president Mr. Stephen Nkamanyi. Death occured on Friday January 14 2022 after a protracted illness. He will be missed by all football lovers in the South West Region.

Mr. Nkamanyi Stephen has been vice president of the Initiative since its official registration. He has hardly missed any major event of the initiative. He always pushed the initiative to fight whatever storm and to believe in its future. He shall be buried in his home city of Kumba on Saturday March 13 2022. May his soul rest in peace.

[07/12/2021] - The NFI U16 to participate in the 2021 edition of the International Limbe Tournament

The U16 side of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative shall participate in the 18th edition of the Limbe International tournament. This tournament which started in 2003 has become an important meeting point to test talents from all over the country and some neighbouring countries. The NFI made its debut last year with 2 youth teams.

The NFI U16 team has been paired with tournament organizer Ecole de Football des Brasseries (EFBC) alongside Young Talent United of Douala and Leopard of Buea. The tournament kicks off on Monday December 13. If the NFI makes it amongst the two best teams of its zone, it shall then continue into the knock out stages of the competition which shall run from Thursday the 16th to Saturday the 18th of December. Our boys are preparred and we look forward to a great tournament. You can find our program guide here

[25/07/2021] - NFI Sky Boys play SW Region mini interpools

The A team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) popularly known as the NFI Sky Boys have left Kumba for Limbe where they shall play in group B of the South West Regional mini interpools.

The mini interpools is the first stage in the qualifying selection of the team which shall represent the South West region in the national interpools. 8 teams are currently vying for this position, 7 of which are from the Fako division and only the NFI Sky Boys are from Meme division.

The NFI is planned to play Tiko United on Sunday the 25th., CINYODEV of Buea on Wednesday the 28th. and LIFCA of Limbe on Sunday the 31st.

We look forward to great and interesting games. We are ready for the challenge

[23/07/2021] - NFI Kumba finishes 3rd in group a of National U15 Youth Championship

The NFI Kumba U15 team has safely returned home to Kumba after participating in the pioneer national U15 championship as representative of the South West Region. The U15 championship took place at the Kadji Sports Academy in Douala

The boys finished the competiton as third in the group. They come back with more experience.

This is how group A ended

  1. SIM'S Bafoussam - (WEST) (10 pts)
  2. APEGES Mfou , Yaounde - (CENTER) (7 pts)
  3. NFI Kumba - (SOUTH WEST) (4 pts)
  4. Sahel Maroua - (FAR NORTH) (3 pts)
  5. Emergence Ebolowa (SOUTH) (2 pts)
The other competitors in group B were
  1. EFBC Douala - (CENTER)
  2. ANAFOOT Bamenda - (NORTH WEST)
  3. ANAFOOT Bertoua - (EAST)
  4. COTTON Sport Garoua - (NORTH)
  5. Ngaoundere FC - (ADAMAWA)

[16/07/2021] - Program - National U15 Championship - NFI U15 to leave for Douala on Sunday 18th. July

The U15 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative who are the 2021 champion of the South West Region shall leave for Douala on Sunday July 18th. to participate in the national U15 youth championship scheduled to take place from the 18th. to the 24th of July 2021 in Douala.

The national U15 championship which is organized by the LFJC of the Cameroon Football Federation saw intense competitions at all the 10 regions of the republic of Cameroon. At the end, the champions of these regions shall meet in Douala to battle for the national championship. The following clubs shall participate in the championship... read more

[06/06/2021] - NFI U15 is SW Regional Champion

The U15 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative was today Sunday 06th. June 2021 crowned champions of the South West U15 regional championship.

The U15 team under the leadership of youth department head and trainer Joseph Ndoke and assistant coach Ebika Henry defeated Njalla Quan SA in game one on Saturday by 2-0 and drew 1-1 in the return leg on Sunday, all under the watchful eye of NFI Secretary General Takang Dekelly who was also present in Limbe.

Sokoudjo Bickly was crucial in day one as he opened scores at the 25th. minute dribbling past 4 players including the goalkeeper. The second goal was scored by Precious Nki at the 50th. minute.

In the second game, goalkeeper Nya Njamen stopped a penalty which could have seen NQSA with a 2 minute early lead. NQSA succeeded in ending the first half one goal up, but their dreams were dashed when Precious Nki equalized at the 53rd minute of the second half.

The NFI supervisory board was in constant contact with the management team led by president Terence on the ground following up every action. "We are very satisfied at how far we have come with the team" the initiator, was quoted as saying.

[04/06/2021] - NFI U15 are Meme Division U15 Champions

The U15 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative finished the first Cameroon National Youth League as champions in the Meme Division Pool. The NFI U15 shall face Njalla Quan Sports Academy (NQSA) in the South West Regional Finals to find the representative of the SW at the national level.

The finals are planned to take place at the home ground of Njalla Quan Sports Academy, in Limbe on the 5th. and 6th. of June 2021

[23/05/2021] - Sky Girls draw, Sky Boys win

In day 5 of the SW female regional champuonship, on Saturday 22. May, the NFI Sky Girls were held to a one all draw by Legend FC ladies. maintaining their lead with goals in the championship.

On Sunday 23rd, in the first game of the second round, the NFI Sky Boys defeated direct rival Future dream and maintains its lead of the championship.

[19/05/2021] - NFI U15 qualifies to represent Meme in the National Youth Football Cahmpionship

The U15 of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative has qualified as champions to the next round of the national Youth Football Championship.

With this qualification, the NFI will meet the Fako champions to decide on the representative of the South West Province.

We extend hearty congratulations to our dedicated coaches and staff for a wonderful job done so far.

[04/04/2021] - NFI Sky Girls defeat Kumba Lakers by 7-0 in opening game of the SW Regional Women Football league

NFI Sky Girls - Kumba Lakers (7 - 0).

In a match in which the NFI had more than 85 - 15 ball possession, the female team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative, the NFI Sky Girls defeated Kumba Lakers by 7 to 0. This was the opening game of the South West Regional Football League (Division 2) of Cameroon. The league is organized such that the champions of each province can then play in a separate competition (Interpools) to get the teams that qualify into the national Division 2 League.

The NFI Sky Girls who had been in camp since Thursday April 1 and having tough preparatory training games even against the NFI Sky Boys did not waste time to take control of the game. The team had to wait until after 15 minutes of play before scoring the first goal. After the first goal, the goal festival started, ending with a 7-0 score. No serious danger was felt at the NFI pole as the team was very compact and well-coordinated, not offering the opponent any chance to develop play.

"This was quite a good start and it sends a signal to any of our opponents to understand that they need to be very prepared if they should meet this wonderful squad." trainer Ndoke Joseph is quoted as saying.
We are now looking forward to the schedule of the next day of play against Njo-Wasse Sports from Fako division.

Read more

[02/04/2021] - The NFI Sky Girls are ready for SW Regional Division 2 League start

NFI Sky Girls are Ready.

After two days of intense preparations, the Nkamanyi Football Initiative’s main female team, the NFI Sky Girls are now ready to take on Kumba Lakers Women at the opening game of the 2020/2021 South West Female Football League. This follows the fixtures posted by the national Secretary General of the Cameroon Female Football League (LFFC). The match shall start at 15:30 at the Kumba Municipal Stadium on Sunday, April 3.

The sky Girls were called to camp on Thursday by the management. All expected players, including displaced and those living out of town answered present to the invitation. In a tight program, out-of-station players were all picked up on Thursday, April 1 by 12 noon. Read more

[21/03/2021] - NFI Sky Boys defeats Bau Manibok FC in day 2 of regional league

The NFI Sky Boys today March 21, 2021 came from a 0-1 first half to defeat Bau Manibok FC by 2-1 in the ongoing South West regional league (Division 2).

Both goals were scored by Dagah

The victory puts the NFI again on track after the boys suffered a 0-1 defeat to Kumba Lakers FC in day 2 of the competition. With 6 points in its account, the NFI is forging ahead with its quest of the title.

[02/03/2021] - Tetuh Larris is back

He was shot during the Kumba Massacre. He is back on the pitch. He wants to continue to do what he likes – play football.

Tetuh Larris is an IDP from Small Ekombe. In the heat of the ongoing crisis in 2017, he ran away with his family and settled in Kumba. The family found a home in Fiango Kumba. He was enrolled into the Mother Francisca Bilingual Secondary school at Bamilike Street. With his passion for football, his mother enrolled him into the U12 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) in 2018.

He was enjoying the sports at the NFI and attending school until the 24th of October 2020 when unidentified gunmen stormed their school and massacred children.As he (Larris) struggled to escape, he was shot on the buttocks. Crying for help in the pool of his own blood, he was rushed to the Presbyterian General Hospital Manyemen Annex in Buea road for immediate treatment where Doctors Without Borders took very good care of him. Read more ..

[28/02/2021] - NFI eliminates Legend FC by 2-0 in Round 1 of Cameroon Cup.

The 2 goals were scored in the first half by new recruit Nkah Bertrand who moved to the NFI from Best Star Football Academy Limbe. Updates loading...

[26/02/2021] - NFI Sky Boys are first recipients of MSV Duisburg donated shoes

The NFI Sky Boyses, today Friday 26.02.2021, were the first recipients of football shoes donated by our German support partner, the MSV Duisburg. The shoes were distributed by the club president, Mr. Terence Nkamanyi at the NFI Kumba office in the presence of coach and youth department head, Joseph Ndoke.

The football shoes and balls donations were made possible through the excellent relationship created for the club by NFI founder and supervisory Board president, Clement Nkamanyi who resides in Duisburg Germany. "This is not the first and shall not be the last.."


[19/02/2021] - NFI Sky Girls defeat Biyos Kake in first friendly of 2021

The NFI Sky girls, on Friday February 19 2021, defeated the Biyos Kake girls by 4-0 in a very interesting first encounter of the year.

The coach used the opportunity to communicate the fact that the initiator had listened to their empowerment wish and already started the empowerment salon project. The Biyos girls were also given the same privilege. The girls expressed satisfaction for the gesture and promised to do their best to commit

The return game is scheduled for next week.

[16/02/2021] - NFI donates Laptop to the Kumba Diocese to say Thank You

N Support is not a one-way street issue. By saying "Thank You", one supports the other.

We have been so happy with our relationship with the Diocese of Kumba as they always stood by us since our humble beginnings of our journey to empower kids through football. The use of their infrastructure and their extraordinary moral support, our actions in taking kids off the streets and providing them a possible perspective for the future have been something we all have come to appreciate and hold close to our hearts.

On this 16 day of February 2021, the president of the NFI, Mr. Nkamanyi Terence handed over a top-feature laptop to the Diocese through its chancellor. The chancellor was extremely happy about the gesture and said it comes timely and he will "immediately get to using it tomorrow".

As we said, this year is going to be our best.

[12/02/2021] - Supervisory Board member fulfils Bouts promise

Supervisory Board member, Edmund Ihande had promised football shoes (Bouts) to the Sky BOYS. This promise was fulfilled today Friday 12.02.2021 as pioneer Sky Boys players received their football shoes at the NFI office.

The players expressed their satisfaction at the NFI matching words with actions and promised to do more in attaining their full potential.

To us, this is just the beginning of a very interesting year for the NFI we are starting.

[31/01/2021] - NFI starts Girl Empowerment Salon project

The empowerment of youths through Football is the main pillar of our initiative. In our quest to promote gender equality, the participation of girls in our activities is of equal importance.

Encouraging these girls to participate in a sports which has mostly boys in dominance and is mostly not promoted by their families has not been easy and requires our continuous motivation and support.

In this regard, we are starting the NFI Girl Empowerment Salon project to provide an opportunity for the girls to learn a trade while they play football. We shall provide information on the progress of the activities of this project on this site

Go to the project page and read more

[19/12/2020] - NFI to kickoff regional division 2 league against Future Dream FC

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative's A Team, the SKY BOYS, shall kick off the 2020/2021 regional division 2 league on Sunday December 20th 2020 against Future Dream FC.

The Sky Boys are in the Kumba Zone (Pool E) of the league with Bau Manibok FC, Future Dreams FC, Kumba lakers FC and Nemfa FC.

The pools of the SW Regional League have have been distributed as such:
Pool A: Cinyodev FA; H.O Academy; Mount Cameroon FC and Prisons Buea.
Pool B: Buea United FC; Catholic University SA; Dynamic FC and the University of Buea FC.
Pool C: Future Stars SA (FUSSA); Iles of Hope SA (ISHOHSA); Limbe Football Association (LIFCA), and Njalla Quan SA (NQSA).
Pool D: Best Stars Academy; Option Sports, and Victoria United FC
Pool E: Bau Manibok FC; Future Dreams FC; Kumba Lakers FC; NEMFA, and Nkamanyi Football Initiative.
Pool F: Ajax FC Likomba; Eteki Esoh Memorial SA (EEMSA); Little Foot FC; Tiko United FC, and Treviso FC.


[13/12/2020] - NFI U18 team arrives Limbe ahead of International Youth Tournament

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative's U18 team lead by its president, Terence Nkamanyi arrived the garden city of Limbe today Sunday December 13 ahead of games for the International U18 Youth tournament. An 18-man team accompanied by the Secretary General (Takang Dekelly), Youth Department head (Ndoke) and U18 Trainer Ashu Tong.

In its first game, the NFI will take on tournament organizer, the EFBC ( Brasseries Football School) this same Sunday at 11:45. Other games are scheduled every day until Tuesday. Quarter finals, semi finals and finals are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively.

Check out the U18 squad here.

[26/11/2020] - Suspension of participation in the Amputee Football League

After the interruption of the first "National Amputee Football League” competition while the Nkamanyi Amputee team was already on the pitch in Yaoundé, about to take on Terminators AFC of Yaoundé, we have had to do an internal reflection and evaluation about our further participation. While it is unclear to us how the competition is scheduled and covered, we realize there are a couple of things that need to be put in place before we continue the games.

It is important for the public and all stakeholders to understand what we stand for and what not. Our aim is not to win games. Our aim is not to be the best team. Our aim is not to attend great competitions. We are not in a rush. Our aim is to empower kids through football. We want to use football as a means of empowering the amputees to be able to lead a normal life. We have already talked to the players and know how they intend to see their lives. What we are doing now is evaluating and developing plans to see this happen. We want to concentrate our efforts on that.

We shall continue the competition when conditions are OK. Read more

[12/11/2020] - Ashu Tong, Morimi Michael and Ndoke take over as new Sky Boys Management

As from November 11, 2020 Ndoke Joseph will serve as new Sky Boys Manager (interim) in addition to his position as assistant Technical director and head of the youth department.

Ashu Tong and Morimi Michael, respectively trainer and assistant trainer of the U17 team will be the new trainer and assistant of the Sky Boys.

This move follows the immediate replacement, just after less than 2 months, of John Chia as manager of the Sky Boys Team.

We wish the trio all the best in ensuring a smooth start and great season for the Sky Boys.

Read more

[11/11/2020] - NFI replaces coach John Chia after after just over a month

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative, today 11th. of November ended its cooperation with John Chia as team manager of the NFI A Team ( The Sky Boys). This announcement was made known to him in person in the Board meeting held with the A team staff in the NFI office. He shall be replaced by former head coach Joseph Ndoke as interim manager.

Veteran footballer and U17 trainer Ashu Tong shall take over as new Sky Boys head coach, while his assistant Morimi Michael will accompany him as assistant too.

The cooperation with John Chia was stopped after we recognised a serious unwillingness to understand the NFI philosophy and the introduction of unrest within the Sky Boys team.

We wish John all the best in his further endeavours.

Read more

[02/11/2020] - NFI starts season in new office

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative has moved to its new office in Fiango. We are located directly opposite St. Francis College Fiango Kumba. The new look of our office was made possible through the international collaboration with our German partner, African Impulse e,V. which donated multiple desktop computers and monitors.

Our offices are open for registration in the next 2 weeks from Tuesday to Thursday. Registration is ongoing for new entrants who want to enjoy playing football under the guidance of our dedicated staff and to learn other life changing skills. Places are limited for new entrants.

We can now continue to do what we know how to do best - Empowering Kids Through Football, We continue to thank our friends who support us in this journey.

[01/11/2020] - Youth department of the NFI Academy has started its activities

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative would like to inform the general public that activities for the 2020/2021 season in its youth academy has started in the city of Kumba. Registration is ongoing for all youths in and around the beautiful city of Kumba. First training sessions were held yesterday, October 31st.

With our state of the art new office located opposite St. Francis College Fiango Kumba, licensed coaches, great football pitches provided by the Fiango Diocese, computer labs and competent and dedicated staff, we are ready to continue in our journey of Empowering Kids Through Football and moulding them into good future leaders.

Empowerment through computer and vocational training stand at the forefront of our activities this year. Read more...


On Sunday 25. October 2020, the Nkamanyi AFC amputee team defeated ADDP AFC of Doual by 2-0. The match between the Nkamanyi AFC of Kumba and the ADDP AFC of Douala started under rainy conditions at exactly 3:30pm in the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium annex 2 in Yaounde.

It was a clean and fair play match without any arrogant behavior from both teams. The NFI AFC was so talented with their playing tactics and the ADPP could not keep pace with what the Nkamanyi boys put up in the field.

Read more

[24/10/2020] - The NFI AFC is ready

After intense training on the hills of the city of Yaounde, the NFI AFC is now ready for the championship. Prior to the competition, the NFI AFC defeated Terminator of Yaounde by 1-0 in a friendly played on a grassless field.

We look forard to great games ahead.We learnt about a masacre on children in the city of Kumba. We shall be dedicating our first game to the bereaved and affected players. We call on all sides of whatever conflict to respect the rights of children to go to school.

View more pictures


The NFI Sky Boys travelled to the ocean city of Limbe today Friday 23rd of October 2020 ahead of a 4-team pre-season tournament in order to prepare for the 2020/2021 season. In its first game, the Sky Boys team, captained by Amballo Emberika lost 0-1 to Best Star of Limbe.

The encounter, played at the Limbe Community stadium, was exciting till the last meeting. It was a perfect test of the team for Manager Chia John and his new trainer team as they use this opportunity to find their best squad. For the players, it is another opportunity for exposure.

The tournament continues tomorrow Saturday October 24 with the Sky Boys taking on Destiny FC and on Sunday October 25 against Option Sport of Limbe.


The amputee team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative NFI AFC, left Kumba on Tuesday night to the Capital city of Yaounde ahead of the pioneer Amputee championshhip. The Championship which starts on Sunday October 25, shall pit 8 teams from different corners of Cameroon.

A delegation of 12 players led by trainer Forba Jean and Captain Joel Ndifor was accompanied to the park in the newly acquuired NFI bus by the staff. They left for Yaounde at night and will be lodging in Damas Yaounde.

It should be noted that the NFI is at the forefront of the creation of the championship with its captain being a member of the National Amputee Executive Board.

We have shared videos of their departure on our Youtube Channel

[14/10/2020] - NFI acquires bus for academy

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative has acquired a bus for the Youths of the Academy. We are so happy to have got this acquisition. It will go a long way in making it easier for the young boys and girls in Kumba and its environs to easily get to training sessions and games.

It falls in line with our mission of making young people in the town and its environs play football comfortably. At the NFI, we empower kids through football. We would like to thank all who supported us (worldwide) in making this possible.

[13/10/2020] - NFI to introduce youths into programming in meet and code Event

In collaboration with its German partner, the African Impulse e.V., the Nkamanyi Football Initiative shall host a "Meet and Code" event titled "Scratch for beginners* in its learning center. This is an online event. But since most of our kids do not have mobile phones, the African Impulse made it possible for us to use a phone pool and computers to hold the event in our office, while respecting social distancing.

The event shall hold on Saturday 17.10.2020 as from 11 pm. Some young boys and girls, including staff shall join their European friends invited by the African Impulse e.V. and together learn to program in Scratch - all collaborating online. Read more about this event on African Impulse website. This is a first of its kind event and could pave the way for further North-South Collaboration with knowledge sharing.

The event is sponsored by the Meet and Code Initiators (SAP, Stifter-helfen and Techsoup Europe).

[16/09/2020] - Sky Boys get promising start despite 2-1 defeat in Douala friendly against Dream Team

The NFI Sky Boys suffered a 2-1 outward defeat against Dream Team of Douala in the first friendly game of the 2020/2021 season.

The friendly game is part of the new strategy of the NFI to test its players against comparable and tougher opponents and also for the players to get the necessary exposure and experience.

The NFI played with its best team in the first half and maintained a 1-0 lead until half time. In the second half changes were made and the less experienced players could not keep the score, conceding 2 to finish the match with a 2-1 defeat.

"It was a good experience to the whole team. We had a feeling of professional football", the president was quoted as saying. The opponent was impressed by the game control and coordination of our team. Read more.

[01/09/2020] - John Chia is Team Manager of the NFI SKY BOYS

Mr. John Chia has been appointed new team manager of the A-team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative popularly known as SKY BOYS. He replaces Joseph Ndoke who has been appointed to other positions (Assistant Technical Director and Head coach of the Sky Girls and the U15 teams.)

Before his appointment, John Chia assisted the NFI SKY BOYS team in an unofficial management role last year. We are very satisfied with the extra experience and potentials he brings to the NFI.

Prior to joining the NFI, Mr. John Chia had been publicity secretary for Bitam de Gabon, Team Mananger of Loanvi of Kumba, Team Manager of PWD Kumba and supporter staff at Toute Puissant Mazembe of Congo.

With his appointment, John was given the leeway to appoint his collaborations. He proceeded in appointing a 1st and 2nd assistant as well as head coach and assistant. Read more...

[26/08/2020] - Thank your Ndoke Joseph for a job well done

Thank you Coach Ndoke for putting the NFI Sky Boys where they are today. Two years ago, we sat down with Coach Ndoke Joseph, alias Kanjas, to carve out plans of getting an NFI team which can compete at higher levels. We just had these young boys and wanted them to have a path to professional football.

Kanjas was then owner of the Kanjas Academy. He accepted to take that task. He delivered. He was able to create a competitive team which beat all other teams in Kumba. He took the team to the regional division 3 and eventually to the regional division 2. This year the season was interrupted due to Corvid 19. We have another task for Kanjas. He will reinforce the youth department of the NFI, making the U15 very competitive and he will be in charge of the NFI Sky girls. In addition, Ndoke now holds the position of deputy technical director of the NFI.

Thank you Kanjas for a job well done and much encouragement for the new task. Read more...

[21/08/2020] - ACGI Software (USA) donates 35 labtops to the NFI

35 used Laptops were donated to the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) by the ACGI Software company in the United States of America. The donation was given to Maggi Njoubisi, wife of NFI Supervisory board member, Eric Njoubisi Nkamanyi. Dan Kaspro, a colleague of Maggi in ACGI Software facilitated the process to get the donations.

ACGI Software develop and deliver innovative software to help associations, credentialing organizations and association management companies to change the world.

"In the coming weeks we shall be shipping the computers to the initiative. It is not only about soccer, but we want all interested youths to come to the NFI and learn important future skills which go far beyond just football" according to Eric. Maggi could not help but express thanks to the ACGI through Dan Kaspro, Kevin, Lily and David who facilitated the donation.

Read more

[14/08/2020] - Julius Baer donates 10 laptops to the NFI

On Thursday August 13 2020, the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI), represented by its founder and supervisory board president, Clement Nkamanyi, received 10 used HP core i7 laptops from Julius Baer, a Swiss private bank. The donation was made in the presence of Gianni Zanetti, Clement's consultant colleague at the bank. Gianni facilitated the connection to have the donation.

The donation is meant to support the NFI's goal of empowering kids through football. "To us, this donation brings us closer to our goals and confirms the recognition our friends and the outside world are showing for the work we do. We hope in the very nearest future that every youth who is enrolled in the NFI can have access to a laptop", says Nkamanyi. It should be noted that Gianni has been won as a strategic NFI project supporter in Switzerland.

Asked about his energetic push for the support of the NFI, Gianni says "I greatly admire the work of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative and see a great potential both for the NFI and the youths of Cameroon at large. My purpose to is to help bring about a sustainable expansion and I look forward to contribute with my know-how, with a special focus in education (study, technology) and human rights".

Read more

[10/08/2020] - The NFI introduces amputee football with Joel Ndifor as head of department

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) has introduced an amputee department in its football portfolio. Starting this month of August, the amputee team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative will go into operation. Mr Joel Ndifor, an amputee, was appointed to head the amputees department and to help develop the amputee team into one which the country and world shall reckon with.

In line with the mission and philosophy of the NFI, we aim not only in having an amputee team which shall be difficult to beat on the pitch but also to create opportunities of empowerment for these often forgotten members of our society.

With Mr. Joel Ndifor at the head of this team, we are confident of meeting and beating the goals set out by the NFI. Mr. Joel holds a B-Tech and HND in Accountancy. He helped co-found the national amputee football association in Cameroon and occupied the position of Secretary General in its Yaounde and Bamenda offices. He is also the founder of the amputee football association of the South west and that of Kumba.


[02/05/2020] - The NFI shares branded masks and disinfectants to its players in the fight against the corona virus

In its continuous contribution to the fight against the deadly corona virus, the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI), today Saturday 02nd May, distributed branded home-made masks and disinfectants to all its teams. The action was supervised and carried out by all staff of the NFI.

This action which was directly funded by its initiator, Clement Nkamanyi, with the aim of forstering the search for local solutions in the fight against the corona virus and also of creating awareness to having a spirit of community responsibility within the NFI. In this light, the disinfectants were produced by the Local Youth Corner Cameroon, an association which works in close collaboration with our NFI German partner (African Impulse e.V.). They used the recommendations of the ministry of public health to locally produce the disinfectants and transported them to Kumba. Meanwhile the masks themselves were produced by a tailor in Kumba and also branded with the NFI logo there.

Read more

[18/04/2020] - The NFI fights Covid 19 - distributes masks within the BONE action

On Tuesday, April 14, the Nkamanyi Football initiative, led by its president, Nkamanyi Terence distributed free medial nose-masks to the Football family in Kumba geared towards fighting the Corona Virus (Covid 19). Orientation on what the guidelines are and how to follow them was also provided.

This action was carried out within the Framework of the BONE Initiative. BONE is an acronym for its creators Buea United, Options Sports Academy, Nkamanyi Football Initiative Kumba and EEMSA Tiko. The aim of the action is to combine their forces and use the popularity and reach of the sports to the youths in other to fight the Covid 19 pandemic within the youth target group. This action was carried out in Buea, Limbe and Tiko all led by their presidents.

Read more

[25/03/2020] - The NFI goes on indefinite break due to the Corona Virus

The outbreak of the corona virus which has been declared as a pandemic has forced us to close our doors indefinitely in order to contain it.

The health of our athletes and the community is of great importance to us. With the corona virus pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide, we have stopped our activities and sent everyone home in order to help contain this virus and prevent its transmission

You can find further information here

[08/03/2020] - NFI II wins in division 3 league start

The NFI team 2 known as "NFI 2" defeated Never Say Never in their first SW Meme Division division 3 league game yesterday March 7 at the KAC Field.

The goals were scored at the , and minutes of the game.

This win reflects the sacrifice, energy and great work our staff is putting in training the next generation of players and preparing them for greater heights to come.

[06/02/2020] - NFi defeats Kumba Lakers in day 1 of division 2 league

The NFI Sky Boys defeated Kumba Lakers on Wednesday in day 1 of the SW division 2 league by 2-1.

Kumba Lakers took the lead and maintained it throughout the first half. In the second half the NFI became more aggressive with Ambalo heading in the equaliser. Fun Anthony then sealed the win minutes later. The NFI now tops the league and looks forward to the game against Nemfa FC.

This is the 3rd time both teams have played against each other this year and all games have gone in favour of the NFI

[03/02/2020] - NFI kicked out in round 4 of Cameroon Cup

In round 4 of the Cameroon Cup in Buea on Sunday 02.02.2020, the NFI Sky Boys were thrashed by 3 goals to 0 and hence bowed out of the competition.

Without go into details, we blame poor refereeing for the defeat. Most NFI important actions were stopped by unfounded offsides. Istanbul FA went into the lead in the first half. In the second half, the central defended was given a red card. This did not deter the team to continue to lead in play. They were however unlucky as only the opponent could score the goals. We congratulate the winner and wish them success in the competition, while we wish to learn from our mistakes.

We are very proud of our boys for going this far and hope to do better next time.

[30/01/2020] - NFI defeats Future Dream FC in round 3 of Cameroon Cup

Today Thursday January 30, the NFI Sky Boys defeated Future Dream FC by 2-0 in round 3 of the Cameroon Cup to qualify for the next stage of the competition.

With this victory, the NFI tops as champion of Meme and will move on to play the next round with any of 3 Fako sides.

We look forward to the next game during the weekend.

[25/01/2020] - NFI crosses round 2 of Cameroon Cup after defeating Kumba Lakers again

I another very fiercely contested game today, the NFI Sky Boys again eliminated Kumba Lakers in the second leg (Meme semi finals) of the Cameroon Cup by 6-5 after penalties. The game ended after 90 minutes with a 1-1 draw.

It should be noted that Kumba Lakers came back into the competition as best losers and fate paired us again.

Barely a few minutes into the game, the Lakers took the lead through a penalty. NFI was the more better side during the game but were unlucky to convert their chances into goals. It was only deep into the second half that the NFI was able to level score, through penalty by Akuli Mandi.

With one man down due to a red card, the NFI could safely hold the game, though still playing better, into penalties. As usual, the NFI converted all its shots into goals while NFI goalkeeper Anu Bordwin stopped a Lakers penalty . The NFI therefore looks forward to playing the finals against Future Dreams in order to get the Meme champion that will face the other divisions. Read more..

[19/01/2020] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Kumba Lakers in round 1 of Cameroon Cup

In a very tough and fiercely contested game today, the NFI Sky Boys eliminated Kumba Lakers in the first leg of the Cameroon Cup by 7-6 after penalties. The game ended after 90 minutes with a 2-2 draw.

Kumba Lakers opened scores at 15 minutes into the first half and maintained this score until the second half when Abane Bibish levelled scores to 1-1 with a powerful header. Abane Bibish put the NFI ahead with another header making it 2-1. Kumba Lakers came back strong and pushed the scores to 2-2 over 90 minutes. Read more here

[19/01/2020] - NFI Initiator, addresses the Sky Boys as competitions start

The NFI Initiator, Clement Nkamanyi, took to a video message to address the Sky Boys as the start important competitions for the 2019/2020 season.

The video message was delivered today Sunday 19.01.2020. The day before, while they camped, he called per video and was taken around the rooms of the players. He had the opportunity to speak to each and everyone of them and could motivate and see for himself that the players are motivated.

The Sky Boys are taking on Kumba Lakers today in the first round of the Cup of Cameroon. On Wednesday, they will meet again with Kumba Lakers in the first day of play of the regional division 2 League of the South West Province.

The overall message of the founder is that his team and all NFI ambassadors stand to empower them to reach the top of their potentials.

Watch the message here

[17/11/2019] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Jesus FC by 4-0 in friendly

On Saturday November 16, the NFI Sky boys defeated Jesus FC in a pre-season friendly at the St. Francis college field.

Alexil Junior scored 3 goals, while Penda scored 1. The match was watched by over 50 spectators. It was another good opportunity for the trainers to evaluate the players ahead of season start.

[08/11/2019] - NFI Sky Boys tied 1-1 in Limbe friendly against Options Sports

The NFI Sky Boys played a 2-2 draw in the Limbe omnisport stadium today Friday November 8. The game was the first out- of-town friendly for the season.

The NFI opened scores through Abane Bibish at the very beginning of the game. A few minutes later Alexis Junior increased scores to 2-0.

In the second half Options Sports was able to reduce scores and finally level the game to 2-2.

The game was a great opportunity to test our players against a team which plays in the same level as our team.

See some pictures of the match here

[01/11/2019] - NFI Sky Boys draw 1-1 in friendly against Bright Stars

While awaiting the start of the season which has been slated for late this month, the NFI Sky boys played a 1-1 tie with Bright Stars in the NFI pitch at the St. Francis School field.

The match was an opportunity for the trainer to test the team which saw new players join this season.

A couple of friendly matches are planned for the coming weeks, including an outward friendly in Limbe with Option Sports of Limbe.

[05/10/2019] - Registration for different categories opens from the 15th. of October

The Nkamanyi football initiative wishes to inform the general public, players and parents that the academy will resume training for the U12, U15, U17 and girls categories on the 15th of October 2019.

Registration is open is to all in the categories mentioned above. Our office is situated in the former excelsor building Fiango opposite Dixie land bar.

Those interested should come along with a copy of their birth certificate or ID card and two passport size photographs. Minors should come along with their parents or guardians.

For more information, call 675 063 849

Thanks management.

[24/09/2019] - Recruitment into the SKY Boys team starts

Recruitment into the NFI SKY Boys team started today of September 2019. The recuritment is open to current and new players and shall last until Saturday October the 5th.

At the end of the recruitment process, the trainers will select the best 25 players who will be in the squad that shall play the SW regional division 2 league.

Some of the players who do not make it and are good shall have the opportunity to reinforce the newly created SKY BOYS II team which shall play in the departmental division 3 league.

We look forward to recruiting the best.

[07/09/2019] - NFI SKY BOYS officially qualify for the regional division 2 league

Another milestone in our journey is reached. The NFI has officially qualified for the regional division 2 league of the South West province of Cameroon. This qualification confirms the hardwork the entire NFI staff has put from the time they selected these young boys from youth teams in town which had participated in NFI's yearly championships and promised them the hope of a path to professional football. It should be noted that our players are all under the age of 23, some as young as 17.

The NFI will play alongside 25 other teams in the province, amongst them teams like PWD Kumba, Njalla Quan Sports Academy, Prisons Buea, Victoria United, Tiko United, Mount Cameroon FC etc. We are very ready and look forward to the league.

[01/09/2019] - NFI SKY Girls are SW regional Female Champions

The NFI sky girls played a goalless draw with Legend FA of Kumba on August 30th. This draw puts NFI at the top of the table with 7 points after defeating Wunjeck by forefeiture and later Faith Ministry FC by 4-2.

This game tells us how important it is to stand prepared. The team was just created this year. It made use of the opportunity of not having many competitors. We look forward to further reinforcements in order to face future chalenges

[18/08/2019] - Sky Boys defeat Nemfa of Nguti and come out 3rd in playoffs

The NFI Sky Boys defeated NEMFA FC by 5-0 on Saturday August 10 in the SW Division 3 regional playoffs.

With all results in, this victory puts NFI in the 3rd. position and hence ready to take on the regional 2nd division. We are now waiting for official confirmation from the provincial league office.

[03/08/2019] - NFI Skyboys to play divisional playoffs in Limbe and Tiko

We championed the Meme division 3 league and thought we had qualified for the division 2 as was the case last year. We were second in Meme last year behind PWD Kumba and the first qualified directly. We never had a chance for playoffs. This year we are first and thought we had qualified. After our boys have left for holidays and rejoiced, we have been informed that the texts preview playoffs.

The first playoff game will take place on Wednesday 07. August against H.O Academy of Mutengene at 13:00 in Tiko. The second game would be against NEMFA of Nguti at the Limbe Community stadium at 3pm on August 10.

Our boys have been called to camp and are training hard to take on the challenge. Nothing will stop us. We just ask for a fair game

[20/06/2019] - NFI U17 defeats Legend FA U17 to represent Meme in Regional league

The U17 team of the NFI defeated Legend FA U17 by 2-0 to qualify as representative of Meme in the regional U17 championship.

It should be noted that the NFI U17 team is trained by legendary K town player Ashu Tong. We are now looking forward to the regional championship and will represent the city of Kumba in a well deserved form.

[08/06/2019] - NFI Sky Girls is born - Get new jerseys

For the past months, the staff of the NFI has been working hard in training and motivating girls into a team. This was finally sealed when the girls voted to be called Sky Girls.

The initiator and CEO, Mr. Nkamanyi Clement, immediately bought the first set of jerseys for the team to mark the new beginning. We wish the Sky Girls all the luck they deserve.

We strongly believe, in reducing the gender inequality gap

[08/06/2019] - NFI qualifies for the second division

The A team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative qualified for the second division in the South West of the Cameroon Football league by defeating Future Dreams FC in the finals by 2-1.

With this milestone, our trainers and staff were able to bring to reality the dream we had of providing a path to professional football for youths in and around the town of Kumba.

We thank all who supported us in their own small ways in making this dream a reality. Special thanks go to the training staff, the administrative staff and to the young boys who fought so hard for this. Our better days are still to come.

[02/06/2019] - NFI Sky Boys qualify for the meme Division 3 final

The A team of the NFI, the Sky Boys have qualified for the final of the Meme Division three league.

This qualification was achieved after beating Bright star FC at the KAC field on Saturday 01.06.2019.

The NFI finds itself in the second year in a row in this position. Last year, we lost to PWD Kumba by 0-1 and did not make it into Division 2. We are very hopeful this time around.

This qualification also is proof of the hard work of our staff and the dedication of our players.

[31/03/2019] - NFI U12 and U14 tournaments cancelled

Due to security reasons, we were forced to cancel the NFI tournament planned for April this year.

We still hold the tournament close top our hearts and will resume when the atmosphere becomes convenient-

[08/03/2019] - NFI U12 and U14 tournaments 2019 to start on Aprol 6

The NFI (Nkamanyi football initiative) is very pleased to announce its forthcoming NFI Youth tournaments for the 2019 season. Unlike in previous years where we organised tournaments that lasted months and included all categories at the same time, this time the tournaments shall be organised in two different periods. The first tournament will involve the Under 12 and Under 14 and shall run from Saturday April 6 to Saturday April 20.

It should be noted that the latest date for registration is the 30TH OF MARCH 2019. All names of all teams retained to participate in the tournament shall be published on our website at

[08/03/2019] - NFI Team A startx division 3 league on Friday

The NFI team A shall officially start its division 3 league game for the 2019/2020 session this Saturday April, 09 2019 at 15:00 in the GPS Kumba town field.

Join us as we do a second attempt and hope we are not cheated again.

[13/11/2018] - We are recruiting for the 2018/2019 season

The public is hereby informed of the following vacancies which we intend to fill by the end of this week as we start the season.

As we continue in our pursuit of professionalizing the team, we know very much that our success depends on our people. We would like to work with you and help you in your future career path.

Interested candidates should share our vision and be willing to participate actively in empowering kids through football.

Goalkeeper trainer

  • - You shall be responsible for training the goalkeepers at all levels of the NFI.
  • - You are expected to hold at least a trainer licence C.

Office assistant

  • - Your service shall be required for the next three months.
  • - You are expected to assist the board in executing office tasks.
  • - Knowledge of using a computer is a must.

Match reporter

  • - Your service shall be required whenever the NFI has a game.
  • - You are expected to write down the report of the game.
  • - Knowledge of using a computer wished but not a must.

Interested candidates should contact the office or call +237 6 7506 3849.

[09/11/2018] - Ebika Henry is new NFI U12 trainer

Ebika Henry has been recruited as the new trainer for the U12 of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative for the 2018/2019 season. He replaces Chi Godwin who was transferred to Yaounde by his professional employer.

Prior to his appointment, Henry was owner and trainer of Arsenal Football training center in Kosala, Kumba. He was once selected as best coach of the NFI tournament. Last year he led Arsenal to the U12 finals of the NFI Youth Championship. He was also assistant coach of division side Treviso FC Kumba.

He holds a C license in coaching and has had 7 years of coaching experience.

[05/11/2018] - Nkamanyi Football Initiative introduces "Sponsor a Kid scholarship" scheme

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative has introduced a scholarship to help kids pay their registration into the initiative for the year 2018/2019. We want to lay much emphasis on the professional training of the U12, U14, U16 and Female teams.

We have therefore set the fees at CFA 60.000 per year (CFA 5000 per month). This fee will ensure that we can provide them quality training with professional (paid coaches), accident insurance and a host of other advantages. Cognisant of the difficult situation prevailing in the region and the city, we put this scholarship scheme in place and count on you participating in shaping the future of a kid.

[03/11/2018] - Press release - Recruitment into the main Football team begins

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative informs the football loving youth of Kumba and those who aspire to be professional football players in future that recruitment into their main team (Sky Boys) will start on Tuesday the 6th. of November 2018 at the St. Francis field in Fiango, Kumba.

It should be noted that the NKAMANYI FOOTBALL INITIATIVE (NFI) was a finalist in the last meme division 3 league and still hopes to qualify for the second division.

Joining the main team offers you the opportunity to play divisional football and the necessary exposure to make leap into professional football.

Training in other categories (U12, U14, U16 and Cadet) are currently going on and still open for registration. We are also recruiting into the female team.

For any inquiries, please contact the office or call 675 063 849.

[29/06/2018] - MSV Duisburg donates jerseys to the initiative

In the MSV Duisburg, we found a great partner for the Nkamanyi Football Initiative. Two complete new sets of jerseys and 4 complete sets of Goal keeper jerseys are what we got today for the team. Possible exchange possibilities.

The initiator, Clement Nkamanyi personally collected the items from Klaus Schmittchen of the youth department. He expressed his special thanks for the continuous support and the privileged support the initiative has got from this German Bundesliga division 2 side. It should be recalled that MSV Duisburg is a founding father of the Bundesliga.

A couple of months before, the initiator had had talks with the head of the youth department, discussing possible other areas of cooperation between the initiative and MSV Duisburg. This is not the first time we are getting such support from the team. It is our hope that, one day some of these young men might be the pride of the MSV and of course the world. More about MSV DUisburg

[26/06/2018] - Thank you MTN, as security situation prevents us mobilize for your event

We would like to thank MTN for providing 5 new balls, 25 Vuvuzelas and 15 MTN Elite training jerseys to the kids of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative after they were unable to participate in the MTN small pole program due to security reasons.

In effect the Initiative was supposed play a role in mobilizing the kids in Kumba to participate in selection games into the Kadji Sport Academy which was scheduled for the 21 - 23 of June 2018. The security of the youths is our priority

[08/06/2018] - Meet Sone Blaise - Who says he can't beat all odds?

Sone Blaise is an NFI U14 player, who has beaten all odds which could be attributed to his disability, to enjoy the game of football. He has dreams - he wants to be a professional player. It is possible. Football knows no boundary.

Sone Blaise might look physically challenged, but he is one of the most motivated U14 player of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative and he is very talented. He looks up to Lewandowsky as an idol. NFI - Empowering Kids Through football.

[06/06/2018] - The initiator donates more balls and CI articles

The initiator, Clement Nkamanyi says thank you. In recognition of the great job he sees our staff doing down here in the difficult terrain of the SW in this crisis period, he could not stop but continue to empower them to do even more.

He says this for them, trainers. They deserve the best. The items shall be posted per DHL. Above all, he says we are just at the very beginning of our goal - "Empowering kids through football".

[02/05/2018] - NFI is recruiting players into its A club

With the NFI now fully registered and affiliating with the Cameroon Football Federation, we are currently recruiting the best players in and around the town of Kumba.

The great thing about the NFI is the base work we have done with the Youths in the city of Kumba. With tournaments organized since 2014 in many categories, now is the time to use the ripe talents.

In this light, we are making a selection of the best Cadet and over 18 years kids from teams which participated in our previous tournaments. This selection process which started on Thursday 26th. of April will end on Friday 04th of May 2018 when we shall choose the best 25 players.

[09/04/2018] - Special Awards 2017/2018

At the end of the 2017/2018 NFI Youth Championship, talented players were awarded for a great season. Let us present to you the winners in all categories.


  • Best Player - Sokamte S. Bikly (NFI)
  • Highest Goal Scorer - Nkamkam Thius (NFI)
  • Best Goal Keeper - Itoe Harris (Makata FC)


  • Best Player - Moubarak Abdoulaye (Kanjas FC)
  • Highest Goal Scorer - Ebot Taku (Legend FC)
  • Best Goal Keeper - Enow Pius (Legend FC)


  • Best Player - Mezatio Maina (Legend FC)
  • Highest Goal Scorer - Muke Melanie (Kanjas FC)
  • Best Goal Keeper - Bih Chanceline (Brescia FC)


  • Best Player - Ayuk Junior (NFI)
  • Highest Goal Scorer - Ayuk Junior (NFI)
  • Best Goal Keeper - Mbah Jouelle (Future Dreams)


  • Best Player - Ambala Emberika (Kanjas FC)
  • Highest Goal Scorer - Mohammadou Sani (Kanjas FC)
  • Best Goal Keeper - Yambe Junior (Gunners FC)

Best coach

  • Ebika Henry (Arsenal FC) 

[07/04/2018] - All set for the Finals of the 2018 edition of the NFI Youth Championship

After more than 210 games in the U12, U14, U16, Cadet and Female league of the NFI Youth Championship, we now know the finalists in all 5 categories.

In its third edition already, this championship has attracted so many teams in and around Kumba. The kids call it "Our champions league". This edition started on November 11 2017 and shall end on April 08 2018.

The following pairings are now fixed for the finals

St. Francis Field

  • Kanjas - Brescia (Female)
  • Arsenal - NFI (U12)
  • Kanjas - Legend (U14)

PS Field

  • Future Dream - Nacom (U16)
  • Gunners - Legend (Cadet)

[06/04/2018] - Jogging with the stars - Need role models

Inspiration match between the football stars of Kumba and NFI Cadet players. Within the framework of the NFI Youth week, this game was organized on Friday 06. April to connect the younger and older generation. We wanted to show our respect to these players who have brought joy to the city and also allow our boys to get inspired and learn from them.

We are extremely grateful to all participants who made this a great day. 4-4 was the score at the end of the match.

View pictures

[27/03/2018] - 12 teams get NFI jerseys donated by the Diaspora

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative launched an appeal to the Cameroonian Diaspora especially from the city of Kumba, to support the teams which qualified for the semi-finals of the NFI Youth Championship 2017/2018. This was well received. With at least $100 or €100 donated by each donor, 20 jerseys were bought and the names of the donors printed on them. The first 4 teams from each of the categories (U12, 14, U16, Cadet and Female) all benefited from this action. This is "Empowering Kids Through Football".


  • Kongchi Henry (USA) - Arsenal FC
  • Mbella Besong (USA) - Makata FC
  • Konghi Henry (USA) - Strikers FC


  • Ngassa Yomba (USA) - Legend FC
  • Adamu Ali (USA) - Nacom FC
  • Nikinese (Germany) - Kanjas FC
  • John Kenneth (Germany) - NFI


  • Meyer Diony (USA) - Kanjas FC
  • Gladys Ngambo (France) - Wunjeck FC
  • Julie Bekong (USA) - Legend FC
  • Adamu Musa (USA) - Brescia FC


  • Jose Fonkeng (USA) - Legend FC
  • Edmund Ihande (USA) - NFI
  • Guillaume Macfongim (USA) - Nacom FC
  • John Battey (UK) - Future Dream


  • Ngambo Armand (USA) - Gunners FC
  • Atem Colins (Germany) - Legend FC
  • BBS (Germany) - Kanjas FC
  • Mondel (Germany) - Nacom FC

The following persons also offered cash for the following prizes.

  • Rev. Basile Sede - €100 (Winner and finalist prize for a category
  • Duchess Mauryne - €100 (Winner and finalist prize for a category
  • Solidarity Tournament for Batholo Fomanka - $100 (Winner and finalist prize for a category

View pictured

[18/03/2018] - NFi Youth Championship Semi-finals pairings now known

After more than 200 games in the U12, U14, U16, Cadet and Female league games of the NFI Youth Championship, we now know the 4 teams in each category which have made it to the semi-finals.

In its third edition already, this championship has attracted so many teams in and around Kumba. The kids call it "Our champions league". This edition started on November 11 2017 and shall end on April 08 2018.

The following pairings are now fixed for the Semis

U12 - 24.03 - CCHS Field

  • Arsenal vs Strikers
  • Makata vs NFI

Female - 25.03 - CCHS Field

  • Legend vs Brescia
  • Kanjas vs Wunjeck

U16 - 31.03 - PS Field

  • NFI vs Future Dream
  • Legend vs Nacom

Cadet - 31.03 - PS Field

  • Kanjas vs Gunners
  • Nacom vs Legend

U14 - 01.04 - CCHS Field

  • Kanjas vs NFI
  • Legend vs Nacom

All semi final teams shall get a new jersey thanks to our private supporters worldwide.

[06/03/2018] - 3rd Edition of the NFI Easter Holiday Camp

That time of the year has come again when the youths in the beautiful city of Kumba have only football in their minds and how they can dream to become future leaders. Just like every year, there is going to be lots of football, lots of awards, certificates and ambiance. You do not want to miss being in Kumba in the period from 05.08.2018 to 08.08.2018.

The Youth empowerment forum originally planned with over 1000 kids in this edition, shall not hold again due to security reasons. Instead, we shall have a smaller forum with all trainers and captains to discuss the state of youth football in the town and plans for the future.

An innovation this year is the introduction of the “Jogging with the stars” program on Saturday between 14:00 and 16:00. In this period, top footballers who were the flag bearers of the town and played at first division, national and international levels shall have a two-hour session of training with the kids to transfer important skills to the new generation and inspire them to dream to do like or more than them. It is our opportunity too to expose these pearls that our city provided to the world and to say thank you for all the joy they brought to our people.

Again, football remains the major activity of the Youth Camp. Since November 2017, 42 teams from Kumba and as far as Konye have been competing in the categories U12, U14, U16, Cadet and female in quest of the NFI championship title in their categories. This yearly competition which the kids have come to baptize “Our Champions League” because of its length, quality and award glamour shall see its highlights with the U12, U14 and Female finals on Friday 06th of April and the U16 and Cadet finals on Sunday 08th, April at the PS Fields in Kumba. Lots of trophies, medals, certificates and an ambient atmosphere always accompany these finals… And then, there is a surprise the NFI has for all which you do not want to miss.

The NFI Youth Championship is followed Worldwide and supported by individuals especially the Kumba Diaspora worldwide. We are looking forward to great events as we continue to empower the kids of this beautiful city through football.

You can be a part of this joy. Get in touch

[10/11/2017] - NFI Youth Championship starts on Saturday 11th. November 2017

The long awaited NFI Youth Championship which has been baptized in the city of Kumba, Cameroon as "Our Own Champions League" shall start on Saturday 11th. November with 3 games on day 1. Day 1 games shall all hold at the PS Field.

After the official activities marking the opening of the event, the competition shall start at exactly 13:00 with the female league game between Brescia and Wunjeck.

The U14 game between last year's champions Nacom FC shall follow against NFI at 14.30. Last season's U16 champions Kanjas FC shall open the U16 leagues this time with new comer Future Dream. The rest of the day 1 games in all categories shall be played on Sunday 12th. November at the 3 NFI reserved locations at SHS, CCC and PS.

We expect to see engaging games. Same like in the previous season, the game officials are all professionals of the FECAFOOT

In all, there are five categories in the championship (12 Cadet teams,10 U16 teams,10 U14 teams, 6 U12 teams and 4 female teams). We wish all teams the best and hope the best wins in an atmosphere of fair play

NFI - Empowering kids through football.

[01/11/2017] - NFI Youth Championship 2017/2018 to start in November with 5 categories.

We are happy to announce that registration is currently going on for the upcoming NFI Youth Championship 2016/2017.

As the years go by, we continue to engage the youths of Kumba and its environ through football.

This year, the quest to play has grown such that we are forced to introduce two new categories (U12 and Cadet). In all 5 categories are going to participate (U12, U14, U16, Cadet and female) which each category planned to have 8 teams.

At the end of the registration period, we shall then know how many teams effectively registered and plan accordingly. We see teams as far as Kake and Konye coming over to register.

We have really provided a way for these kids to find a passion and perhaps make a living from it in the future instead of roaming the streets

Not yet registered, contact our team at or come directly to the office before the deadline.

[25/07/2017] - NFI MULTIMEDIA CENTER - Official Opening

We are revolutionising youth football in the town of Kumba and contributing in building a new breed of modern footballers who will not see football and educational development as mutually exclusive. In line with our mission (to make kids enjoy playing football and be good future leaders), they are not only going to be talented footballers, but they shall gain all the skills necessary for surviving in this ever-changing world, irrespective of whether they become professional footballers or not.

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) centre is open to all youth footballers in town, irrespective of what club you belong to. Of course, you get many advantages if you play for the NFI. Come along, use our computers, read FIFA football rules, read game tactics, learn to use the computer, get supported, .... On special days, our staff and external employees give special courses and do counselling. We have an “Open door day” as we inaugurate our new office and centre on Saturday, July 29 2017. Our doors are open on this day to the public. Come and discover for yourself as we change the perspective of the new generation of footballers. “Nkamanyi Football Initiative - Empowering kids through football”

[30/04/2017] - NFI closes season with players in style

It is all about empowerment. Part of this is vision. We want our kids to imagine the future and take steps to create that future. It is in this line of thinking, that the initiator, Clement Nkamanyi wanted to have a day out with all the kids and staff. No better location could be chosen than the prestigious Elongo Garden in the city of Kumba. All players and staff had the chance on Thursday April 27 to dine together, swim and come close in contact. Players also received awards directly from the initiator.

[28/04/2017] - Kanjas FC, Brescia FC, Nacom FC with Youth championship

The 2016/2017 NFI youth championship saw the participation of 8 U14, 8 U16 and 6 female teams. Over 30 games were played in each category. Starting in October 2016 and closing in April 2017, Kanjas FC won the U16 championship, Nacom FC the U14 and Brescia FC the female championship. The competition ran smoothly with professional FECAFOOT referees assuring quality. A lot of awards and confetti were on display at the finals. Rendez-vous again for the next season.

[23/10/2016] - The NFI Youth Championship 2016/2017 starts

After a successful NFI Under 14 tournament which too place from November 2015 to December 2016, this year's event kicked off yesterday October 22, 2016.

This year's league shall be in two categories - U14 and U16. We could not get the girls teams to participate, but shall continue to encourage the girls. This competition shall run until April 2017. See pictures of the event

[01/08/2016] - MSV Duisburg donates jerseys, balls, tracksuits to the NFI

In March this year, the head of the youth development department of MSV Dusiburg, Uwe Schubert, donated balls, 2 sets of football jerseys, tracksuits, free-time jerseys to the Nkamanyi Football initiative through its initiator and CEO, Clement Nkamanyi.

This gesture was greatly appreciated as it testifies to our commitment of building North-South bridges and it would go a long way to empower the kids in Kumba, Cameroon to play football.

The first set of jerseys were sent to Cameroon in April and were used in the game between the parliament Veterans and the Meme Youth Coaches.
These jerseys shall now be used by the U17 team of the initiative. Read more..

[21/05/2016] - The 2017 NFI Youth Empowerment Easter Holiday Camp starts now


After a very successfull NFI Youth Empowerment Easter Holiday Camp 2016, we are announcing the dates of the next edition (17-23 April 2017).

It shall not only be about football. We shall use the fact that football brings people together in order to engage the youths in other topics of discussions which may help bring positive change to the society.

[04/04/2016] - Brescia wins the 2015/2016 NFI Under 14 Tournament

The peak of the 2015/2016 pioneer NFI trounament was reached on Sunday 02.04.2016 in a tough contested final between Brescia FC and Athletic of Balangi. They played over 70 games since November 8, 2015. Out of 12 Under 14 teams, Brescia FC was able to secure the Final trophy for itself. All 12 teams received trophies, certificates and cash prizes. All trainers received tracksuits, sponsored by Enow Solo.

The first 4 teams received jersey sets sponsored by Donwelsystems, BBSEventz, Edmond Ihande and Christopher Younti. Medals were awarded to the best two teams, referees and trainers. The best player, man of the match, highest goal scorer, youngest player, best goalkeeper, best coach and fair play team all received trophies and certificates in addition to mobile phones supplied by our sponsor MTN. V-Blues entertained the crowd with the NFI song. The final award left the crowd thinking they were watching the champions league on TV

[01/04/2016] - NFI Youth Empowerment Forum draws over 300 participants

The NFI Youth Empowerment Forum organized in collaboration with its German partner, African Impulse e.V. on April 1 2016 saw over 300 participants, mostly youths who had come to witness this one-of-its-kind event. The forum, which was organized under the theme "Using Football to promote positive change - the perspective of players and coaches" also attracted MTN and Brasseries du Cameroon, two giant companies in Cameroon that support Youth activities.

During the course of the forum, the youths interacted with parents, coaches and professional panelists on the challenges facing youth sporting activities and possible ways of improving such and engaging more youths. The importance of football in preventing crime, offering a future perspective, living healthy lives was stressed.

[10/02/2016] - Brescia defeats NFA 1-0 in delay game

This match had been played before and ended in a 1-1 draw, but due to the fact that it did not go to the end, it was postponed to another date. Today, in a replay at the CCC field in Kumba, Brescia defeated the NFA with the score of 2-1 in a very interesting and hard fought game.

This match had been played before and ended in a 1-1 draw, but due to the fact that it did not go to the end, it was postponed to another date. Today, in a replay at the CCC field in Kumba, Brescia defeated the NFA with the score of 2-1 in a very interesting and hard fought game. The last but one days of play in the league round of the NFI Under 14 tournament 2015/2016 shall take place on Saturday and Sunday the 20th. and 21st. of February respectively.

[08/11/2015] - NFI Under 14 tournament opens with Ndip Akem Victor as guest

The NFI Under 14 tournament 2015/2016 opened today 08.11.2015 with veteran Cameroon football player and 1990 world cup hero Ndip Akem Victor amongst the guests. The kick-off was caried out by Mr. Nkamanyi Stephen in the presence of Chief David Fonkeng

The NFI Under 14 tournament 2015/2016 opened today 08.11.2015 with veteran Cameroon football player and 1990 world cup hero Ndip Akem Victor amongst the guests. The kick-off was caried out by Mr. Nkamanyi Stephen in the presence of Chief David Fonkeng

In the first game, Best Stars defeated NFA in a hotly contested game while Kanjas A defeated the gunners in the second game by 1-0.

The next games are scheduled for Saturday 14th. of November 2015.

[07/11/2015] - NFI under 14 knockout Tournament opens on the 08.November 2015 with two games

The second edition of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative Under 14 Tournament shall kick off tomorrow, Sunday the 8th. of November at the Sacred Heart School field with two matches. 12 under 14 teams are participating in this year's edition.

The second edition of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative Under 14 Tournament shall kick off tomorrow, Sunday the 8th. of November at the Sacred Heart School field with two matches. 12 under 14 teams are participating in this year's edition.

In the first game at 14:00, the NFI team shall play against Best Stars. This shall be followed at 16:00 with the game between Kanja A and Strikers

The general public is invited.

Take a look at the pools here.

[28/10/2015] - NFI Tournament 2015/2016 Phase 1

The NFI organized a Recruitment Tournament in April this year in Kumba. The turnout was great and a lot of teams and youths were worried they could not participate. We have considered this in our plans for next year.

The NFI organized a Recruitment Tournament in April this year in Kumba. The turnout was great and a lot of teams and youths were worried they could not participate. We have considered this in our plans for next year. From the next edition, we shall now call the tournament "NFI Under 14 Tournament" and give it a slogan.

In preparation therefore of the second edition of the NFI Under 14 Tournament scheduled to take place in March next year in Kumba and considering the following:

  • We want to offer a positive perspective, empower a lot of kids to get off the streets and play football.
  • We want to encourage more junior football teams to be created in and around Kumba so that the synergy pushes for a motivation to play.
  • We want to promote the participation of girls in football.
  • We believe a competitive environment provides the right ingredients for talented players to improve their skills and for new youths to develop a passion for sports.
  • There is a high demand for us to organize the tournament and we cannot meet this in just two days.

The management of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative has decided to organize a pre-tournament with the top 4 teams qualifying for the final tournament which shall take place in March 2016.

To this effect, we collaborated with the Meme Youths Football Association and called on a meeting in which we discussed the possibilities and modalities.

The following conclusions were reached at.
  • There shall be two parts of the tournament. The first shall consist of a preliminary round of 16 male youth teams and 8 female youth teams in and around Kumba. Our involvement has pushed for the creation of teams. This tournament shall run from Sunday the 8th. of November 2015 to February 2016 in three different locations in the city of Kumba. The top 4 teams shall qualify for the second phase of the tournament which shall then take place in March 2016.
  • Registration is now open. All registration should be made through our partners “The Meme Youths Football Association”. Deadline for the registration has been set to Friday 30.10.2015.
  • Screening of possible players takes place under the supervision of the Meme Youths Football Association on Saturday the 31st October and Sunday the 1st November at the Sacred Heart School field.

For further information, please do contact the Management of NFI in Kumba or send us an email at

The date for second phase of the tournament shall be announced subsequently.

Are you interested to be a partner or sponsor? Contact us through

[07/09/2015] - BACK TO SCHOOL

It is the start of the new school year and all our players have been provided exercise books and pens and rulers to enable them have a good start

It is the start of the new school year and all our players have been provided exercise books and pens and rulers to enable them have a good start

Yesterday, September 6th. 2015, the director of the initiative in Germany, Clement Nkamanyi, sent a powerful signal of insisting on the fact that football training be coupled with a sound educational background. He did this by offering exercise books, pens and rulers, which were distributed to the kids by the head of the Nkamanyi family, Nkamanyi Stephen in the presence of the local manager (Terence N) and facility manager(David F.

Management used the occasion to insist on the importance of discipline in sports and called for the commitment of all

The kids were overwhelmed with happiness.

[26/06/2015] - NFI trainer gets professional coaching training

We want our team to profit from professional knowledge of a good trainer. In this regard, the NFI financed a professional 1-week training for its trainer which ended with the award of a certificate earlier this month.

We want our team to profit from professional knowledge of a good trainer. In this regard, the NFI financed a professional 1-week training for its trainer which ended with the award of a certificate earlier this month.

[29/03/2015] - NFI Gala tournament - DSC Wanne-Eickel wins

Saturday the 28th. of March 2015 was a memorable day for the Nkamanyi Football initiative. In a series of U11 engaging games featuring MSV Duisburg, JFA Düsseldorf, DSC Wanne-Eickel, FC Brünninghausen, SG Wattenscheid and Tura 88, DSC Wanne-Eickel was able to secure the first position and hence become the first winner of the Benefiz Turnier für Kumba Kamerun.

Saturday the 28th. of March 2015 was a memorable day for the Nkamanyi Football initiative. In a series of U11 engaging games featuring MSV Duisburg, JFA Düsseldorf, DSC Wanne-Eickel, FC Brünninghausen, SG Wattenscheid and Tura 88, DSC Wanne-Eickel was able to secure the first position and hence become the first winner of the Benefiz Turnier für Kumba Kamerun. The JFA Düsseldorf was second and MSV Duisburg was third.

All teams were winners and received trophies. In addition to football clothing and shoes provided by some of the teams and parents, the DSC Wanne-Eickel supported our Initiative through our partner, African Impulse e.V with the sum of €150.

Thanks and congratulations to all the teams.

The second highlight of the day saw great animation by the Able Kids girl group who kept our spectators warm despite the rainy conditions.

In the third highlight of the day, the D1 of Tura 88 Duisburg and a selection of Cameroonian kids separated on 4-3 score in favor of Duisburg. All the teams were declared winners and all received trophies. All kids also received individual trophies. The kids were so happy they are asking for more in summer.

Our special thanks to our partners Junge Teufel e.V and African Impulse e.V.

[29/03/2015] - NFI Gala tournament - Tura 88 Duisburg beats Cameroon selection

Saturday the 28th. of March 2015 was a memorable day for the Nkamanyi Football initiative.

After the U11 tournament (6 teams) won by DSC Wanne-Eickel and a great animation by the Able Kids girl group who kept our spectators warm despite the rainy conditions,

Saturday the 28th. of March 2015 was a memorable day for the Nkamanyi Football initiative.

After the U11 tournament (6 teams) won by DSC Wanne-Eickel and a great animation by the Able Kids girl group who kept our spectators warm despite the rainy conditions, the third highlight of the day saw the D1 of Tura 88 Duisburg beat a selection of Cameroonian kids by 4-3. All the teams were declared winners and all received trophies. All kids also received individual trophies. The kids were so happy they are asking for more in summer.

Our special thanks to our partners Junge Teufel e.V and African Impulse e.V.

[17/02/2015] - Gala Tournament

On Saturday the 28th. of March 2015, the Nkamanyi Football initiative's German partners, Junge Teufel e.V., African Impulse e.V. and Tura 88 shall be organizing a gala tournament in support of the kids in Kumba (Cameroon)

On Saturday the 28th. of March 2015, the Nkamanyi Football initiative's German partners, Junge Teufel e.V., African Impulse e.V. and Tura 88 shall be organizing a gala tournament in support of the kids in Kumba (Cameroon).

Organizer: Tura 1888 e.V Duisburg
Date: 28.03.2015, Startzeit: 10:00
Venue: H.W. Gerlach Stadion - Tura 1888 e.V. Duisburg, Kammerstraße 223, 47057 Duisburg
Game duration: 35min
10:00 - 13:00 (U11 tournament)
13:00 - 14:00 (Break.. Able Kids entertainment )
14:00 - 15:30 (U11 tournament)
15:30 - 18:00 ( Cameroon vs Tura 88 D1)

*Cameroonian female community games and entertainment

View the tournament plan at
Our special appreciation goes to ur partners.

[05/01/2015] - Recruitment Tournament in April

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative shall be organizing a recruitment tournament in Kumba during the second weekend of April 2015.

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative shall be organizing a recruitment tournament in Kumba during the second weekend of April 2015. Following the last meeting between directors and management, training sessions shall increase to once a week. We would like to give as many kids as possible the possibility to train in our training center.

During this recruitment tournament, we shall register new kids into the center. Different teams shall be invited to compete with each other with a lot of prizes and gifts to be awarded by the initiative.

Registration for participating teams shall commence by the end of the month. Further information follows.

[16/06/2014] - Tura 88 parents support the NFI

The parents of Teddy's football club (Tura 88 Duisburg) were overwhelmed by the pleasure the kids in the Cameroonian city of Kumba had during the launching of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative when they received football shoes and T-shirts they had partly provided.

The parents of Teddy's football club (Tura 88 Duisburg) were overwhelmed by the pleasure the kids in the Cameroonian city of Kumba had during the launching of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative when they received football shoes and T-shirts they had partly provided. They were so happy about the initiative that they decided to make it something that they shall do always. In an action coordinated by Junge Teufel e.V and African Impulse e.V. over 30 pairs of football shoes, T-Shirts, balls and shin guards were offered by the parents to the Nkamanyi Football Initiative. Another action is planned before the last half of the year. Special thanks to all who made this possible.

[27/04/2014] - Training is ongoing

Training is currently intensifying as more and more kids register for the Nkamanyi Football Initiative. The Initiative, in this beginning phase accepts kids in three categories:
  • Under 10
  • Under 12 and
  • Under 14

Training is currently intensifying as more and more kids register for the Nkamanyi Football Initiative. The Initiative, in this beginning phase accepts kids in three categories:

  • Under 10
  • Under 12 and
  • Under 14
At the moment, the problem still remains the fact that the grass on the field is overgrown and most of the kids still do not have training shoes. There are also insufficient balls. Low quality plastic balls were bought, pending those which are to be sent from Germany before the end of the year.

It still remains a big task for the managers to coordinate all of the kids in this phase, but we are confident these problems would be solved before the end of the year.

[13/04/2014] - The NFI Office opens

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative opened its office in the city of Kumba this month of April. Parents can now register their kids into the initiative directly in the office.

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative opened its office in the city of Kumba this month of April. Parents can now register their kids into the initiative directly in the office. The office also provides a central location from which the kids assemble with trainers before and after sessions and also to discuss plans. The office is located at the Honesty street in the city of Kumba.

Registration forms into the initiative can be filled directly in the office or downloaded from this website.

[30/11/-0001] - Amputee team leaves for Yaounde ahead of Amputee National League

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