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The future can sometimes be influenced by the conditions one grows up in. Very many people have been unsuccessful in life because they lacked the opportunity to go to the end of their possibilities. We want to step in and fill the gap so that the future of kids is not left to fate.

In this regard, we have a vision of

  • a town in which kids would play football enjoyably and dream of a career out of it.
  • a town in which kids would not be stopped from playing football because they lack the appropriate attire, materials and infrastructure.
  • a town with adequate football infrastructure where one would look back and laugh at how it was possible that only private and government school locations were avenues for playing football
  • a town in which football would be a uniting factor across generations.
  • seeing a new generation of football players who are educational very sound, such that, if they cannot make a career out of football, they shall have no real competitive disadvantage to any other normal citizen.

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative has a mission of seeing this vision becoming reality.

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