Our Mission

Our Mission is to make kids enjoy playing football and be good future leaders.

In fulfilling our mission, we shall not only be providing them with the necessary materials, attire and infrastructure, but also the necessary education which can lead to a successful career in and out of the football field.

Our slogan "Empowering Kids Through Football" says it all.

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You fit into our team if the following burns in you:

  • You strongly believe that the future of the kids cannot be left to fate and you want to positively influence that.
  • You believe you can use sports as a means of solving community problems and effecting positive change.
  • You want to engage in supporting or promoting football in and around the town of Kumba, Cameroon.
  • You believe education should accompany sports and that one can be a good and educated player.
  • You have a sports or psychology training and you want to gain practical experience in working with young people.

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