MSV Duisburg donates jerseys, balls, tracksuits to the NFI

In March this year, the head of the youth development department of MSV Duisburg, Uwe Schubert, donated balls, 2 sets of football jerseys, tracksuits, free-time jerseys to the Nkamanyi Football initiative through its initiator and CEO, Clement Nkamanyi.

This gesture was greatly appreciated as it testifies to our commitment of building North-South bridges and it would go a long way to empower the kids in Kumba, Cameroon to play football.

The first set of jerseys were sent to Cameroon in April and were used in the game between the parliament Veterans and the Meme Youth Coaches. These jerseys shall now be used by the U17 team of the initiative.

MSV Duisburg, a founding father of the German Bundesliga, is a third division team in that league. The club is located in the town of Duisburg. Our inspiration for the initiative Tyler plays for its U13 team. "We are extremely grateful for this unexpected gesture. Although we have made such support requests, we were not expecting so much. The parents of the U13 team have been very supportive of the initiative. With this gesture, we see ourselves in the beginning of a strategic partnership. Who knows, we might see some of our kids playing for this club in the future! ". These where the words of the president, Clement Nkamanyi. We have shipped the rest of the donated materials and they should be available to the initiative within the next weeks.
Rest of the materials in shippment

The pictures below give you an overview of some of the materials which were donated.

Over 15 balls ..

A set of free time jerseys

2 Sets of jerseys (black and green)

A set of dark blue rain tracksuits and some sky blue ones

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