Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI)

Our Mission is to make kids enjoy playing football and be good future leaders


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The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Training Center (Academy) in the Cameroonian city of Kumba. Its goal is to support the youths of the city and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and be good future leaders..


Our Teams

At the moment, we accept only children in the following categories (Under 12, Under 15, Under 17, amputees). We also accept girls under the age of 16. It is extremely important for us to get kids involved at tender ages - girls and boys


Latest News

We started in December 2013, but we have had a great number of events to look back to. Seeing the joy the kids get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them.

NFI News

[16/03/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Nemfa Nguti by 2-0 in opening game

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative defeated NEMFA of Nguti in day 1 of the South West Regional League at the GPS Field in Kumba. The NFI Sky Boys opened scores at the 4th. minute of play through Rones Hilton who joined the club from NACOM last year.

These results were maintained through into the second half as the NFI continued to mount pressure. At the 80th. minute of play, Ebai Junior increased the scores to 2-0. The NFI were able to calm down the game and take home the world deserved victory.

We look forward to the second game on Wednesday the 22nd against Future Dream FC. You can follow up the events of the day here.

[05/03/2023] - NFI Sky Boys start 2023 Regional League season against NEMFA Nguti on Sunday

The NFI Sky Boys are ready. After intense preparations, the NFI Sky Boys are ready to take on NEMFA Nguti on Thursday March 16 2023 at the GPS Field (KAC) in Kumba in day one of the South West Regional League. The NFI shall fight to obtain one of two tickets into the mini interpools against the following teams - Bright stars FC, Future Dream Academy, Jesus FC, Kumba City FC, Legends FC and NEMFA Nguti.

"It is not going to be an easy season. We are still setting our bets on the young boys we brought up from our youth department. We think, we are however very ready, with our agility to make the opponents run behind us", coach Kanjas was quoted as saying.

Already in the launching event in Limbe this Saturday march 4, Kumba City FC beat Bright Stars FC to obtain the first points in the group. Read more about the Sky Boys here. Ckeck out more about the game here.

[02/03/2023] - NFI SKY BOYS players get new boots from Supervisory Board

All NFI Sky Boys players received football boots supplied by the Supervisory Board as a gesture to permit them have a good football start into the 2023 South West Regional League. These boys train four times a week in addition to having friendlies. With the bad terrain where they mostly have matches, their shoes would hardly last. It is in this regard, as is done through the past years, that the Board, through Edmund Ihande in the USA thought of making the gesture.

It should be noted that the NFI Sky Boys shall start the season on Sunday March 12 against Nemfa FC. You can take a look at the current squad here .There you would also find some useful information.

[22/02/2023] - NFI Sky Boys defeat Future Dream FC by 2-1 in Regional friendly

NFI Sky Boys defeat Future Dream FC in Regional friendly

Goals scored by Siphone and Rones

[21/02/2023] - Dr. Ekoe Lord Itoe joins NFI as medical staff

The NFI family welcomes Dr. Ekoe Lord as new medical staff.

Medical care especially in the football sector is an often neglected factor in the lives of footballers in this region. We have had to react to injuries, digging deep into our pockets to solve difficult situations. This time, we are betting on preventive care. With Dr. Itoe, we have our whole team from the youth department to the main adult teams covered in time.

We thank Dr. Ekoe for accepting to make this sacrifice and call on all in the team to take advantage of his services.

Dr. Itoe works in the Physiotherapy department of the Manyemen annex hospital, Kumba.

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Coming up

SW Regional League Day 2NFI Sky Boys - Future Dream FC22.03.2023 16:00GPS Field
SW Regional League Day 3Bright Stars FC - NFI Sky Boys25.03.2023 16:00GPS Field
SW Regional League Day 4NFI Sky Boys - Jesus FC25.03.2023 16:00GPS Field
SW Regional League Day 5Legend FA - NFI Sky Boys25.03.2023 16:00GPS Field
SW Regional League Day 6Kumba Lakers FC - NFI Sky Boys25.03.2023 16:00GPS Field
SW Regional League Day 7NFI Sky Boys - Kumba City FC25.03.2023 16:00GPS Field

Last 10 Past games

SW Regional League Day 1NEMFA Nguti - NFI Sky Boys16.03.2023 16:00GPS Field0 - 2 (Details)
U12 FriendlyNFI U12 - The Blues U1212.03.2023 15:00St. Francis Field2 - 1
U10 FriendlyNFI U10 - The Blues U1012.03.2023 13:00St. Francis Field1 - 1
U15 FriendlyNFI U15 - Gunners U1504.03.2023 11:00St. Francis Field1 - 2
U17 FriendlyNFI U17 - Gunners U1704.03.2023 13:00St. Francis Field4 - 1
U15 FriendlyRudy FC u15 - NFI U1526.02.2023 15:00Saker Field1 - 2
U10 FriendlyThe Blues U10 - NFI U1026.02.2023 11:00Saker Field1 - 0
U12 FriendlyThe Blues U12 - NFI U1226.02.2023 13:00Saker Field3 - 2
Division 3 Friendly NFI 2 - Panesta FC23.02.2023 15:00St Francis Field1 - 2
SKY Boys FriendlyFuture Dream FC - NFI Sky Boys22.02.2023 09:00Bonke Field1 - 2

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