Genesis - How it all started

The family of the Initiator loves the game of football. The Initiator started by saying "he first really played competitive football with a holiday club, Karaputa, at the age of 12 and really fell in love with the game. The competition was so short and did not continue. At the tender age of 13, a secondary school student, he attempted with a couple of friends in the town of Kumba to run a football tournament for kids under 12 years old. He was secretary general then and ran the whole planning at their home. It worked well, but did not last. He attempted to play the Under 14 with Juventus but the competition was so fierce as there were just a handful of teams, the training ground was extremely far, his parents were afraid concentrating on football might hinder his studies. Somehow, he gave up... but his love for the game never faded."

More than 2 decades later, his two kids Teddy (2002) and Tyler (2004) would be playing for German Youth football clubs in Germany. They started playing since the age of six. He would take them to training 3 to 4 times a week each and travel with them internationally to their games during the weekends and holidays. The opportunities he saw them having was beyond the wildest dreams of the children in the town he grew up in (Kumba - Cameroon). It always took him back to his youth days and he would feel young again. He would say "I want to be in their shoes... but I cannot. But then..."

And then came the realization

  • it makes a difference if the infrastructure is available and convenient.
  • it makes a difference if kids start to learn how to play football through a coach at a young age.
  • it makes a difference if kids have the right attire to play with.

He decided to try to offer as much as possible some of these opportunities to the kids in his birth town. He bought all necessary materials they would need for a start, discussed and found out from the clubs where his kids play that they could support us when the need arises. He went down to Kumba and created the initiative.

This initiative was officially launched on the 30.12.2013.

Realizing that we need people on the ground, who share our vision to do the daily tasks, we have put together a competent executive management team to help us fulfil our mission.

Today this initiative has evolved past our wildest dreams and is now a Football Academy which is registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and has Boys and Girls teams that play at the South West Regional League level.

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