The NFI SKY GIRLS, the female team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative, was officially created in the year 2019 and they have been phenomenal, championing their first divisional league competition.

At the NFI, gender equality is at the forefront. We believe, given the opportunity, the girl child is capable to do as much or much more than the boys. Come and join us play or promote the SKY Girls.

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Female Elite Division 2 PlayoffsNFI Sky Girls Kumba - Authenticc FC Douala31.07.2021 14:00Limbe0 - 2
Female Regional League (Day 7)Biyos Kake Ladies - NFI Sky Girls02.06.2021 14:00Municipal Stadium0 - 18
Female Regional League (Day 6)NFI Sky Girls - Legend FC Girls22.05.2021 15:00Municipal Stadium0 - 0
Female Regional League (Day 5)NFI Sky Girls - Kumba Lakers FC15.05.2021 13:00Kumba Municipal Stadium4 - 0
Female Regional League (Day 4)NFI Sky Girls - Biyos FC Kake08.05.2021 15:00Kumba Municipal Stadium1 - 0
Female Regional League (Day 3)Legend FC - NFI Sky Girls02.05.2021 15:00Kumba Municipal Stadium1 - 1
Female Regional League (Day 2)NFI Sky Girls - Njo Wasse WS17.04.2021 13:00Kumba Municipal Stadium3 - 0
Female Regional League (Day 1)Kumba Lakers FC - NFI Sky Girls03.04.2021 13:30GPS Field0 - 7
Sky Girls FriendlyNFI Sky Girls - Biyos FC Kake26.03.2021 15:00St. Francis Field1 - 0
Female Friendly GameNFI Sky Girls - Biyos FC Kake19.02.2021 17:00St Francis Field4 - 0
Pos 3 - Madame Ekoh TournamentNFI Sky Girls - BAROMBI KANG FFC04.10.2020 13:00GPS Field0 - 2
Semis - Madame Ekoh TournamentNFi Sky Girls - Brescia FFC27.09.2020 15:00GPS Field1 - 3
Madame Ekoh TournamentBrescia - NFI Sky Girls24.09.2020 15:00GPS Kumba0 - 0
Madame Ekoh TournamentLegend FFC - NFI Sky Girls20.09.2020 13:00GPS Kumba3 - 1
Madame Ekoh TournamentNFI Sky Girls - Kumba United12.09.2020 13:00GPS Kumba2 - 1
Madame Ekoh TournamentNFI Sky Girls - Barombi Kang06.09.2020 15:00GPS Kumba10 - 0

Sky Girls News

[12/09/2020] - Sky Girls defeat Kumba United in 2nd game of Ekoh tournament

In its second game of the Madam Ekoh Female Football tournament , the NFI Sky Girls defeated Kumba United by 2 - 1.

The Sky girls went into the second half leading 2-0, but were unfortunate to offer the opponent the chance to reduce score. The match was played at the GPS Field in Kumba.

[06/09/2020] - NFI Sky Girls defeat Barombi Kang FFC in opening game of Ekoh Female tournament

In its first official game this season after intense training, the NFI Sky Girls defeated Barombi Kang FFC by 10 - 0. This was the first game in the ongoing female football tournament organized by Madam Ekoh. The match was played at the GPS Field in Kumba.

The team was led to victory by trainer Joseph Ndoke, assisted by Bessem. The tournament which runs from September 6 to October 4 will see the participation of 4 other teams ( Brescia FFC, Kumba United FFC, Legend FFC and Barombi Kang FFC).

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