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Our Mission is to make kids enjoy playing football and be good future leaders


About Us

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Training Center (Academy) in the Cameroonian city of Kumba. Its goal is to support the youths of the town and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and be good future leaders..


Our Teams

At the moment, we accept boys in the following categories (U10, U12, U15, U17). We accept girls above the age of 10. It is extremely important for us to get kids involved at tender ages - girls and boys. Our main team, the NFI Sky Boys play the South West Regional League.


Latest News

We started in December 2013, but we have had a great number of events to look back to. We have a ministerial operational agreement. Seeing the joy the kids get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them. Follow our news...

NFI News

[13/01/2024] - NFI to open the 2024 SW Regional League season against Waspito FC in Buea

After lots of uncertainty about the opening day of the South West Regional League for the 2024 season, it is clear now that the NFI shall be making the start against Kumba newly promoted club Waspito Foundation. The match shall take place in Buea.

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative will play in group D, which is one of 4 groups. Group D will play in Kumba and comprise of the following clubs - Kumba City FC, Kumba Lakers FC, Future Dream FA, Bright Stars FC, Legend FC, Paradise FC, Waspito Foundation and Nkamanyi Football Initiative. The first two leaderss shall qualify for the mini interpools and winner shall compete for a spot in the Elite 2 league of Cameroon.

[29/09/2023] - RECRUITMENT FOR THE 2023/2024 SEASON TO BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY 04.10.2023

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative informs the youths in and around Kumba, the South West region and the general public that recruitment into all teams of the club shall start on Wednesday 4th of October 2023 at its training location (The St. Francis School Field) in Fiango.

Are you talented and want to make a difference? You can join any of the following teams - Sky Boys, Sky Girls, U17, U15, U12 and U10. We have some interesting ambitions this year. Come and join us. It may be your year.


Seidou Theodore (20 yrs of age), the captain of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative's main team, the Sky Boys, for the 2022/2023 has signed a two-year contract with Cameroon's Elite 1 (Division 1) team, PWD Bamenda. This is a great transition for the player as he moves from the Regional League directly to Elite one, bypassing the Elite 2 league. It also shows the quality of the player and the quality of the training he got from the Nkamanyi Football Initiative.

This is what president Clement Nkamanyi had to say on the transfer : "This has been a long process. We allowed the player to make the move to Bamenda and to go through all the necessary steps with competitors from all over. We offered every support necessary as it is our goal to create opportunities for young people to follow their dream and attain what they wish for. This confirms this commitment as the right thing to do and gives us the courage to continue doing what we are doing - empowering kids through football. Special thanks to our coaches and staff for their hard work in moulding these players".

With everything completed, it is possible that we might see Theodore at the upcoming Cameroon cup finals as he might be the essential force needed to beat Fovu of Baham, come Saturday 24. September. Read more...

[08/08/2023] - Sports and ICT - ICT at NFI - NFI Compute Camp

It is holidays and we are engaging the youths of the town in Kumba in computer training within the framework of the NFI Compute camp. The idea of the engagement is not only to draw awareness to the importance of learning and learning technology in particular, but to offer practical training into what computers are and how to use them.

This holidays training, which lasts for two months, targets everyone - big or small, girl or boy. For those interested, the ICT trainer makes an evaluation of the current level of knowledge and also the skill of the participant and puts them in a pool for specific training. So far we have been dealing with very young people having basically no knowledge of computers, but the results so far have been impressive. This project is supported by our German partners the African Impulse e.V..


[08/08/2023] - Former NFI Sky Boys defeat Sky Boys in Grand Match

It was a wonderful and interesting encounter at the St. Francis Football field (the training ground of the NFI Sky Boys) today. A friendly encounter between the present Sky Boys and former Sky Boys. The aim of the game was to continue to share the close relationship we have with all who have passed through the institution and to maintain the bond wherever we are.

Despite the heavy downpour throughout the day and partly during the game, it was still very interesting to watch. The game itself ended 2-1 in favour of the former players.

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Junior CupBayern - Bockum11.10.2023 22:46Duisburg7 - 2
U15 FriendlyNFI U15 - Waspito FC U1530.09.2023 15:00St. Francis Field3 - 0
U12 FriendlyNFI U12 - Waspito FC U1230.09.2023 11:30St. Francis Field7 - 1
U10 FriendlyNFI U10 - Waspito FC U1030.09.2023 10:00St. Francis Field
U12 FriendlyNFI U12 - Nacom U1223.09.2023 11:30St. Francis Field3 - 1
U10 FriendlyNFI U10 - Nacom U1023.09.2023 10:00St. Francis Field4 - 0
U15 FriendlyNFI U15 - Legend FA U1511.08.2023 16:00St. Francis Field1 - 0
U10 FriendlyNFI U10 - Legend FC U1011.08.2023 14:00St Francis Field2 - 1
U12 FriendlyNFI U12 - Legend FA U1211.08.2023 15:00St. Francis Field1 - 1
SW Regional League - Day 14Kumba City FC - NFI Sky Boys15.06.2023 15:30Municipal stadium3 - 4 (Details)

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