Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI)

Our Mission is to make kids enjoy playing football and be good future leaders


About Us

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Training Center (Academy) in the Cameroonian city of Kumba. Its goal is to support the youths of the town and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and be good future leaders..


Our Teams

At the moment, we accept boys in the following categories (U10, U12, U15, U17). We accept girls above the age of 10. It is extremely important for us to get kids involved at tender ages - girls and boys. Our main team, the NFI Sky Boys play the South West Regional League.


Latest News

We started in December 2013, but we have had a great number of events to look back to. We have a ministerial operational agreement. Seeing the joy the kids get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them. Follow our news...

NFI News

[09/06/2024] - NFI Sky Boys defeat future Dream by 2-0 in day 11 of regional league

It is never too late. Our stay in the regional league is being secured. Now our licenses are in order and the NFI can win again. The last 2 games have seen NFI victory. Today the NFI edged Future Dream FC by 2-0 in the GPS Kumba field. Let us hope the league never brings us into such a situation again.

[08/06/2024] - NFI youth teams had a great weekend against Panester

The youth teams in the academy continue to impress with great football and results. On Saturday, all youth teams won their games against Panesta FC.

Here are the results:
  • U10 [NFI - Panesta FC (6 - 4)]
  • U12 [NFI - Panesta FC (2 - 0)]
  • U15 [NFI - Panesta FC (3 - 1)]

[07/06/2024] - One victory in the last 3 games. At least an upward trend

With all licenses now available, it seems the Nkamanyi FI can start dreaming of victories again. A little too late for a chance to get to the next rounds. Our goal now is to make sure we stay in the regional league while preparing for the next season.

The results of the last 3 games are as follows:

  • NFI - Bright Stars (0 - 2)
  • NFI - Kumba City FC (1 - 2)
  • Kumba Lakers - NFI (1 - 2).

[31/05/2024] - Difficult times for the NFI Sky Boys, no victory in last 2 games

With a 0-2 loss to Legend FA and 1-1 draw with Waspito FC on day 6 and 7 of the SW Regional League, the position of the team on the table has not improved. Unlike in the game with Legend FA where the team had exactly 11 eligible players, for the game with Waspito FC, a full 16 could be put in place. Despite the team's control of the game, the results did not reflect this.

Looking forward to a more better game against Bright Star FC on Sunday, June 2. A win in this game could rekindle hopes for the next round.

[20/05/2024] - 1 point in the last 3 games, the NFI needs to go back to winning

It has never been so difficult to get licenses for our players delivered. This is the case this year and we still do not know why. With only a max of 14 licenses, it is difficult to get the necessary success.

The NFI won only one game in its last 3 games of the South West Regional League. We hope to move back to success and also hope our license issues are quickly resolved.

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Last 10 Past games

U15 friendlyNkamanyi Fi - Panesta FC08.06.2024 15:00St. Francis Field, Kumba3 - 1
U12 FriendlyNkamanyi FI - Panesta FC08.06.2024 13:00St. Francis field, Kumba2 - 0
U10 friendlyNkamanyi FI - Panesta FC08.06.2024 11:00St Francis Field, Kumba6 - 4
SWR League 2024 - Day 10Kumba Lakers FC - Nkamanyi FI07.06.2024 13:30GPS Field, Kumba1 - 2
SWR League 2024 - Day 9Nkamanyi Fi - Kumba City FC05.06.2024 15:00GPS Field, Kumba1 - 2
SWR League 2024 - Day 8Nkamanyi FI - Bright Star FC02.06.2024 13:30GPS Field, Kumba0 - 2
SWR League 2024 - Day 7Waspito FC - Nkamanyi FI30.05.2024 15:00GPS Field, Kumba1 - 1
SWR League 2024 - Day 6Nkamanyi FI - Legend FA22.05.2024 15:00GPS Field0 - 2
SWR League 2024 - Day 5Nkamanyi Fi - Bright Stars FC08.05.2024 13:30GPS Field, Kumba1 - 1
SWR League 2024 - Day 4Nkamanyi FI - Kumba Lakers FC05.05.2024 15:00GPS Field1 - 2

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