(Round 1) report - NFI Sky Boys - Future Dream FC

Status : Ended | Result : 3 - 0

imageToday, the NFI Sky Boys, defeated Future dream FC by 3 - 0 in the first round of the Cameroon Cup 2023. Goals for the NFI side were scored by Okia Clovis(2) and Gavino Didier. Didier normally plays as a goalkeeper but is versatile.

From start to end, the game was completely dominated by the Sky Boys. We look forward to the next pairing as we prepare for league games at the same time.

Match statistics

Either the game has not started or there is no data available for this game.
The Cameroon Cup is played from the departmental level to the national level. We are starting from Meme Department in the South West Region

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Some pictures of the game

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