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The SKY BOYS Team is the A Team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative. They are young and dynamic. Most are products of our Junior teams.The great thing about the NFI is the base work we have done with the Youths in Kumba. With this team, the path to professional football is not far away. Read more


The Initiative

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Academy and training center in the Cameroon city of Kumba. Its goal is to supporting the youths of the town and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and to become good future leaders. We empower the youths through football. Read more


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The NFI started in December 2013. The Sky Boys team was created in May 2018. Most of the players then were from our U17 junior team. Today they are from all over Kumba and its environs. We moved through Division 3 to the regional Division 2. Relax and follow us as we carve our history. Read more

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Cameroon CupNFI Kumba - Kumba City FC28.06.2022 15:00GPS Field4 - 5
Cameroon CupKumba Lakers FC - NFI Sky Boys25.06.2022 13:00GPS Field Kumba3 - 4
Cameroon CupNFI Sky Boys - Jesus FC22.06.2022 11:00GPS Field6 - 5
SW Regional LeagueNFI Sky Boys - Nemfa FC Nguti11.06.2022 15:30GPS Field1 - 2
SW Regional LeagueFuture Dream fC - NFI Sky Boys02.06.2022 14:00GPS Field Kumba0 - 1
SW Regional LeagueNFI Sky Boys - Kumba Lakers FC29.05.2022 15:30GPS Field Kumba0 - 0
SW Regional LeagueLegend FC - NFI Sky Boys25.05.2022 15:00GPS Field Kumba0 - 0
SW Regional LeagueNFI Sky Boys - Kumba City Council FC15.05.2022 15:30GPS Field Kumba1 - 0
SW Regional LeagueNemfa Academy - NFI Sky Boys07.05.2022 13:30GPS Field1 - 1
SW Regional LeagueNFI Sky Boys - Future Dream FC23.04.2022 13:30GPF Field2 - 1
SW Regional LeagueKumba Lakers FC - NFI Sky Boys20.04.2022 15:30GPS Field1 - 1
SW Regional LeagueNFI Sky Boys - Legend FC16.04.2022 15:30GPS Field1 - 1
Sky Boys FriendlyNFI Sky Boys - Future Dream FC09.04.2022 15:00KUmba2 - 4
Sky Boys Friendly GameKumba City Council FC - NFI Sky Boys31.03.2022 15:00GPS Field Kumba0 - 0
Pre-Season preparation tournamentNFI Sky Boys - Future Dream FC02.03.2022 15:00GPS Field Kumba1 - 1
Pre-Season preparation tournamentKumba City Council FC - NFi Sky Boys23.02.2022 15:00GPS Field Kumba3 - 0
New Dawn Pre-season tournamentKumba City Council FC - NFI Kumba13.02.2022 15:00GPS Field1 - 0
South West Mini InterpoolsNFI Kumba - LIFCA FC Limbe31.07.2021 00:00Limbe1 - 6
South West Mini InterpoolsCINYODEV FA Buea - NFI Kumba28.07.2021 00:00Limbe4 - 1
South West Mini InterpoolsNFI Kumba - Tiko United FC25.07.2021 13:00Limbe0 - 2
Division 2 Regional LeagueNFI Sky Boys - Bau Manibok FC10.06.2021 15:00GPS Field8 - 0
Division 2 Regional League (Day 8)NFI Sky Boys - NEMFA Nguti06.06.2021 15:00GPS Field1 - 2
Division 2 Regional League (Day 6)Kumba Lakers FC - NFI Sky Boys30.05.2021 15:00GPS Field1 - 0*
Division 2 Regional League (Day 5)NFI Sky Boys - Future Dreams FC23.05.2021 15:30GPS Field1 - 0
Division 2 Regional League (Day 4)NEMFA FC - NFI Sky Boys27.03.2021 15:29Municipal Stadium0 - 4
Division 2 Regional League (Day 3)Bau Manibok FC - NFI Kumba21.03.2021 13:30Kumba Municipal1 - 2
Division 2 Regional League (Day 2)NFI Sky Boys - Kumba Lakers FC14.03.2021 15:30Kumba Municipal Std1 - 2
Cup of Cameroon - Round 2NFI Sky Boys - NEMFA FC Nguti10.03.2021 13:30GPS Field Kumba0 - 1
Cameroon Cup Round 1NFI Sky Boys - Legends FC28.02.2021 11:00GPS Field Kumba2 - 0
Division 2 Regional League (Day 1)Future Dream - Nkamanyi Football Initiative20.12.2020 15:30GPS Field Kumba0 - 1
Pre-season Limbe TournamentOption Sports - NFI Sky Boys25.10.2020 13:00Limbe3 - 2
Pre-season Limbe TournamentNFI Sky Boys - Destiny24.10.2020 13:00Limbe2 - 1
Pre-season Limbe TournamentBest Stars FC - NFI Sky Boys23.10.2020 13:00Limbe1 - 0
Friendly Game in DoualaDream Team Douala - NFI Sky Boys17.09.2020 08:00Douala2 - 1

Sky Boys News

[19/12/2020] - NFI to kickoff regional division 2 league against Future Dream FC

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative's A Team, the SKY BOYS, shall kick off the 2020/2021 regional division 2 league on Sunday December 20th 2020 against Future Dream FC.

The Sky Boys are in the Kumba Zone (Pool E) of the league with Bau Manibok FC, Future Dreams FC, Kumba lakers FC and Nemfa FC.

The pools of the SW Regional League have have been distributed as such:
Pool A: Cinyodev FA; H.O Academy; Mount Cameroon FC and Prisons Buea.
Pool B: Buea United FC; Catholic University SA; Dynamic FC and the University of Buea FC.
Pool C: Future Stars SA (FUSSA); Iles of Hope SA (ISHOHSA); Limbe Football Association (LIFCA), and Njalla Quan SA (NQSA).
Pool D: Best Stars Academy; Option Sports, and Victoria United FC
Pool E: Bau Manibok FC; Future Dreams FC; Kumba Lakers FC; NEMFA, and Nkamanyi Football Initiative.
Pool F: Ajax FC Likomba; Eteki Esoh Memorial SA (EEMSA); Little Foot FC; Tiko United FC, and Treviso FC.

[12/11/2020] - Ashu Tong, Morimi Michael and Ndoke take over as new Sky Boys Management

As from November 11, 2020 Ndoke Joseph will serve as new Sky Boys Manager (interim) in addition to his position as assistant Technical director and head of the youth department.

Ashu Tong and Morimi Michael, respectively trainer and assistant trainer of the U17 team will be the new trainer and assistant of the Sky Boys.

This move follows the immediate replacement, just after less than 2 months, of John Chia as manager of the Sky Boys Team.

We wish the trio all the best in ensuring a smooth start and great season for the Sky Boys.

Read more

[11/11/2020] - NFI replaces coach John Chia after after just over a month

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative, today 11th. of November ended its cooperation with John Chia as team manager of the NFI A Team ( The Sky Boys). This announcement was made known to him in person in the Board meeting held with the A team staff in the NFI office. He shall be replaced by former head coach Joseph Ndoke as interim manager.

Veteran footballer and U17 trainer Ashu Tong shall take over as new Sky Boys head coach, while his assistant Morimi Michael will accompany him as assistant too.

The cooperation with John Chia was stopped after we recognised a serious unwillingness to understand the NFI philosophy and the introduction of unrest within the Sky Boys team.

We wish John all the best in his further endeavours.

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[23/10/2020] - Sky Boys Team in Limbe for pre-season tournament

The NFI Sky Boys travelled to the ocean city of Limbe today Friday 23rd of October 2020 ahead of a 4-team pre-season tournament in order to prepare for the 2020/2021 season. In its first game, the Sky Boys team, captained by Amballo Emberika lost 0-1 to Best Star of Limbe.

The encounter, played at the Limbe Community stadium, was exciting till the last meeting. It was a perfect test of the team for Manager Chia John and his new trainer team as they use this opportunity to find the best squad.For the players, it is another opportunity for exposure.

The tournament continues tomorrow Saturday October 24 with the Sky Boys taking on Destiny FC and on Sunday October 25 against Option Sport of Limbe.

[16/09/2020] - Sky Boys get promising start despite 2-1 defeat in Douala friendly against Dream Team

The NFI Sky Boys suffered a 2-1 outward defeat against Dream Team of Douala in the first friendly game of the 2020/2021 season. The friendly game is part of the new strategy of the NFI to test its players against comparable and tougher opponents and also for the players to get the necessary exposure and experience.

The NFI played with its best team in the first half and maintained a 1-0 lead until half time. In the second half changes were made and the less experienced players could not keep the score, conceding 2 to finish the match with a 2-1 defeat.

"It was a good experience to the whole team. We had a feeling of professional football", the president wast quoted as saying. The opponent was impressed by the game control and coordination of our team. read more.

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