NFI Ambassadors

We have come a long way since the inception of this initiative in the year 2013. Since then, over 200 young people have trained in the initiative. The initiative has also helped raise other training centres in the town of Kumba and its environs. Hardly any youth plays football in town now without a jersey. It is even common to see games with both teams playing with NFI donated jerseys.

We also improved the competitiveness of the initiative in order to make it attractive. We had a club (NFI Sky Boys) in the SW regional division 3 which has now moved to the regional division 2. We are creating the NFI 2 to continue in division 3 in order to retain our talents. The Sky Girls was also created and are regional champions. With all these successes comes also the need to support the structures. In this light, the NFI Ambassadors wing was created. This is made up of friends around the world who believe in our vision and want to play an active part in empowering the kids and creating the most successful club in the world.

The following are the current actions of our ambassadors for the various seasons, starting from the 2019/2020 seasons:

Ambassadors - Season 2019/2020

  1. Stephen Fonje alias Stefano (Douala) - NFI Sky Boys and Trainers, training jerseys
  2. Michael Che Mafor (Germany) - Financial support
  3. Bana Ba Sawa (Germany) - Financial support
  4. Nestor Lavmbuh (Buea)- Financial support
  5. Elmang Nchako (USA) - Financial support
  6. Rabio Mohammed (USA) - Financial support
  7. Clementine Atabong (USA) - Financial support
  8. Enow Ebot alias Eyango (USA) - Financial support
  9. Gladys Ngambo (USA) - Financial support
  10. Yomba Ngassa (USA) - Financial support
  11. Anonymous (USA) - Financial support
  12. Donwel Sytems (Belgium) - Financial support
  13. Vincent Nzemkwe (Cameroon) - Financial support
  14. Fai Ndofor (Canada) - Financial support
  15. Leslie Mbah (USA) - Financial support
  16. Dr. Edwin Schadzeka (USA) - Financial support
  17. Martyn Carre (Switzerland) - Financial support
  18. Gianni Zanneti (Switzerland) - Financial support
  19. Yolanda Ntam (Belgium) - Financial support
  20. Divine Awah (USA) - Financial support

We extend our gratitude to them for their actions.

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